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XS400H / XS800H owners:

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by philthygeezer, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. philthygeezer


    May 22, 2002
    How do you EQ the head to get a nice bright honky sound out of it?
  2. RevGroove

    RevGroove Commercial User

    Jul 21, 2002
    Burlington ON Canada
    Manager, Account Services: Long & McQuade Ltd. (Burlington); MTD Kingston Basses International Emerging Artist; Bartolini Electronics Emerging Artist
    Not really my sound, so I've never tried...I can do some "research" for you later at rehearsal, if you like!

  3. i would like you to....although i've liked yorkville products i've tried, there's no way for the tone to reallly just get ugly bright, it just sounds nice and punchy and shiny