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Xtreme Music Group ??

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by crazybassplyr, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. My band recently recieved an "invitation" to play in an artist showcase (or so it is being called) in Salt Lake City at the Hard Rock Cafe. This event is being hosted by a company called Xtreme Music Group, run by a guy named Matt Rowe.
    Supposedly, if we decide to do this, we will perform a short set in front of reps from several major labels like Epic, Atlantic, and Columbia then get a review, advice, tips etc.
    I have done some looking around on the web and other than the companies web site have not found any info on this company or its events.

    We have not called for info yet, wanted to do some investigating first.

    Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with this company? :help:
    By the way, the website is www.xtrememg.com
    I can't quite put my finger on it but something about this has my spidey-sense tingeling.
  2. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member

    Hmmm...yes, I've heard about things like this - I think the thing is not to sign anything and don't give them any money or commit yourselves to giving them any money no matter what they say or how good it sounds.

    I saw something on UK TV where aspiring musicians were basically "conned" into giving thousands of pounds upfront for a "Marketing" pack which was not worth anything basically. But anyway the experts on the progrannme said never to give money to companies up front - if they think you're good enough, they will put in the money based on getting it back later.

    If they want money - it's a scam!! :meh:
  3. Thanks for the input Bruce, thats exactly what i was thinking. We are going to give them a call and see what they have to say, its a toll free number, so that is a good thing.
    I will continue to post as more info comes in about this company. Hopefully this info will come in handy for others that are approached by them in the future, wether they turn out to be a scam or legit.
  4. I say play the show. But DO NOT pay anybody, or sign anything. Its a show, take it for what it is and have some fun. You never know who could be in the audience at any given time right?
  5. So we called XMG and asked some questions.
    $200 to play two songs.
    Smells of scam to me.
  6. If they want _you_ to pay, then it is a rip-off.
  7. Scamtastic. Give no money to these people.
  8. Needless to say we declined their "invitation". Hopefully others did as well.
  9. wrathandroll


    Apr 8, 2005
    My band recently entered this. I just talked with XMG and Hard Rock where its going to be happening. I know that it definitely is happening and that the labels will definitely be there. I'm just trying to figure out if the workshops will be helpful or if we'll just be sitting there with them trying to sell their product. If anyone has any past experience with XMG please give me some input.
  10. There was another group out this way doing the same thing, Spectra Entertainment, putting on showcases for 11260 Records. They'd buy out a bar for a day or two, and load it up with 20-30 bands, each required to sell 10 $20 tickets (or pay the difference). Bands got a 30 minute set and "if your band rocks, you could be signed to a major label!!!"

    I was approached in the same way as you were, and when he got to that point, I hung up. When he called back, I told him to F off.
  11. Sorry that my above post pretty much looks like I'm insulting you.

    Here's my thoughts. 1st off, how many bands are playing? For the show I'm talking about, there's 30 bands, each paying $200 (or at best bringing 10 people at $20/head), so that's $6,000 going right to Spectra Entertainment, which is WAY more than any booking agent gets for their services. It's a money making situation for them, plain and simple.

    I'm sure that the record company reps will surely be there, but as to the 'advice' they could give you...how good is that advice going to be? Do you want someone telling you that you need to change?

    But, if you look at it this way...if you're able to come up with the $200, by selling tickets or whatever, then you'll be playing a show to people that haven't heard you before, and if you are truly groundbreaking and get signed, then it was a small investment...if the contract you sign is actually a lucrative one.
  12. jadesmar


    Feb 17, 2003
    Ottawa, ON
    I tend to believe that while this statement is true, it will probably remain true whether or not you shell out $200 to play a show.