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Ya never know who you may be subbing for...

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by ryco, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    I was invited to play a last minute jazz gig last Wednesday night for a $75 a plate dinner. Paid well for these parts. Backing a local trumpet player who comes from a big musical family down here on the coast. I had nothing else going on so I took the gig.

    I figured we would just be background music while the dinner guests were eating and maybe they would dance after the meal.

    No. Turned out to be a full fleged concert with all eyes on the band. Was a little over whelming. I've been playing forever in lots of situations, but this caught me a little off guard. People actually paying full attention, clapping after solos and songs. I'm used to occasional polite clapping after a tune, but not thunderous applause.

    Found out after the gig that the band that was originally supposed to play the gig consisted of Jay Roberts - gtr, Todd Johnson - bs, Mic Gillette - trpt, and a lady singer from LA. Glad I didn't know before hand! This group of great musicians bailed at the last minute and my little jazz trio + trumpet got the "could you help us out" call.

    Hey Todd - ya missed out on some killer grub! People were very complimentary. Don't know the moral of the story -- but a good time was had by all

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