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  1. Transparent blue Yam 5 string. Stock preamp has been upgraded to an EMG bass+treble system with selectable frequency. Now MUCH quieter with massive low end. Solid bass, excellent neck with new strings. Comes with custom hardshell case. $350 + shipping
  2. natebass


    Sep 6, 2001
    Bremerton, WA
    any pictures??? or maybe a model #?
  3. RBX765A.
  4. Anyone? I am also up for trades.
  5. Yeah I may be interested allright.I just gotta wait for a money order-I was goin to get a washburn xb500 but shipping came 150$ or somethin.I'm canada by the way.It looks like a good bass. Any more info/pics pleeaase.
    Thanks alot and best wishes.
  6. Don't have any more pics. More info? Hmmmm....Well I can't stress enough what the EMG preamp did for this bass. If you've ever heard a 90's active Yam you know what I mean. Tons of hiss from the treble control, especially when soloing the bridge pickup. At first I just ripped out the stock preamp and wired it passive. Sounded more natural with less highs, but no hiss. With the new preamp you can get many more tones, especially from the bridge pu. It growls better than my 72 Jazz. I am letting it go because I just don't bring it to gigs anymore. My Musicman 5 does everything I need. Also I find it an unnecessary hassle to have 2 basses on a gig because the clubs we play are SO cramped on stage. The condition of the bass is very good. Neck joint is super tight like all Yams. Only cosmetic flaws are some light belt scratches on the back of the body. Nothing deep though. Hope this helps.