Yamaha Attitude Custom needs a bridge...help!

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    Oct 21, 2014
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    1990 Yamaha Attitude Custom (brother to the Billy Sheehan Yamaha Attitude LTD v1 bass).
    There is a Dimarzio X2N-B humbucker woofer pickup right at the heel of the neck and hidden under the pickguard.
    Middle pickup is a normal Split P pickup with brass plates under them like Fender does.
    Then there is a Piezo pickup on each saddle.

    If anybody knows where to get a replacement Yamaha Attitude LTD (version 1) bridge or (or saddles) please clue me in.
    It's the same bridge that was on the Billy Sheehan Attitude LTD (version 1).
    I would like to remove the Piezos in my bridge, don't need them, just want the Split P and the Woofer Humbucker like the Attitude LTD has.
    This bass is constructed just like the Attitude LTD was except the bridge saddles, so a bridge without Piezos will mount up perfectly.
    If I can't find the Yamaha bridge or saddles, I need to decide what bridge makes sense to be not interfering with the four mounting holes already in the bass.
    Thanks for any feedback and suggestions. :) DSCN2198 (1).jpg

    DSCN2197.jpg DSCN2195 (1).jpg

    DSCN2209.jpg DSCN2212.jpg
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