SOLD Yamaha Attitude Limited- Rare first generation model

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    Mar 10, 2008
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    Here is a first-generation Yamaha Attitude Limited in Thunder Blue. They only made 150 in blue and 150 in red, so the name "Limited" isn't just marketing hype in this case.


    There are a million Limited II and III models around...but the original is still the best! These first generation models had the original neck joint developed by Rich Lasner, who is best known as the designer of the Ibanez RG line of guitars. The butt of the neck is bolted to a block of milled, billet aluminum that's seated deep into the body. The idea is to eliminate the neck heel, while at the same time offering rock-solid stability (especially lateral stability). It really works. Later neck joints were thicker with a noticeable heel; the billet aluminum was replaced by merely an extension of the neck wood. It's a cost-cutting measure compared to the no-compromise nature of the original neck joint (bottom pic).


    The Attitude Limited is grossly misunderstood. People assume it's a one-trick pony that will only give you that buzzy, midrangey Billy Sheehan tone. Or that it must be somehow set up for tapping and therefore useless as a normal bass. But none of that is true.

    It's essentially a hot-rodded PBass. The neck profile is modeled after an early-'50s PBass: wide, thick, and round. But you have unrestricted access to the upper frets and zero neck play. You've got a DiMarzio "Will Power" pickup, which is a variant of the classic "Model P" only with slightly more prominent mids. This is the classic, barky PBass rock tone. Then there's DiMarzio "Model One" in the neck position, which is basically a Gibson mudbucker that's a bit louder and cleaner.

    You can blend the two signals to fill in some of the deep low-end that's missing with split-coil PBasses. Or, switch between a thumpy Gibson EBO tone and the punchy PBass tone on the fly. But the real magic happens when you split the signals and send each pickup to different amps/channels or process them through separate EQ/effects chains. You can put the neck pickup through a compressor and octave pedal, as if you're doubling a synth bass under your PBass. You can add overdrive, chorus, phaser, etc. to the PBass pickup, but keep your neck pickup clean to avoid losing any bottom end.

    The rest of the bass is full of interesting details. The frets get smaller as you move down toward the end of the fingerboard for more precise intonation. The board is partially scalloped at the last few frets so you can get your fingers underneath for string bending. It comes with a Hipshot X-tender to drop tune the E-string. Schaller strap locks installed.

    I'm asking just $1250 for quick sale. I'll cover shipping up to the first $50. These typically go for $1500 and up. Condition would be "Mint" except it has a ding on the bottom. Will take pics shortly. That ding and the fact that I need to sell quickly is why my asking price is so low.

    For my asking price, I'll ship the bass in a non-original ABS hardcase. For an extra $200, I'll include a MONO M80 Vertigo gigbag (normally $250) instead.

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    As promised, detailed pics.

    Dents and dings on upper horn:

    Two superficial dings above jack cut-out:


    OK, here's the big damage. There's a chunk of finish missing on the bottom:

    Scalloped fingerboard:


    Old logo:

    Another shot of the dents/dings on the upper horn:

    No buckle rash:


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    Mar 10, 2008
    Two more...


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    Mar 10, 2008
    Forgot to mention: the bass was recently serviced by noted NYC tech, Darrel Gilbert. He did a fret level/dress and gave the bass a setup.

    I just strung with a fresh set of DR Fat Beams. Plays like a dream. The action is low and fast. No dead spots anywhere.
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    Dec 10, 2008
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    Awesome.... this is the first one ive personally ever seen for sale
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    Mar 10, 2008
    My timing is bad: there are two red ones on eBay right now.

    They're in rough shape and bidding is already over twice my asking price.
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    Sep 9, 2016
    I have the limited 3.... these are amazing basses!!
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    Mar 10, 2008
    Sold through the Attitude Limited FB group. Thanks, everyone!