SOLD Yamaha Attitude LTD III

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    Up for sale is an amazing playing & sounding Yamaha Attitude LTD III

    Here are some links with lots of information on specs etc.:

    This particular bass was signed by Billy Sheehan himself in 2016 (if this is bothersome to you, I am sure it can be removed).

    I got this bass in a trade for a boutique 5 string because I wanted to try out a nice P Bass. In a way its far from what I usually play; bright candy looking colour, p-style etc. but oh boy does this bass play and sound well!! It feels like a broken in bass, with no dead spots and a very powerful, warm sound. You can run this in stereo as well and explore countless possibilities (EQ the pick ups differently, put effects on them and pan them etc.) . It also records really well and has many more sounds than the typical Sheehan Sound (Distortion + Mid Boost on the P-Pick Up) The Bass is in almost new condition, only it has a three marks that I captured in the photos (top of the headstock, and two on the side of the bass). It comes with the original case. Please no trades at this point, because my financial situation forces me to sell this one again (otherwise I would be keeping it for recording). The Bass is located in Germany but I can ship throughout Europe. If you have any questions, please pm me, thanks.

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