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    Update: The Sonic Blue and Vintage White Attitudes have sold. The Brandy Wine Red I have changed my mind and decided to keep it.

    For sale is my Yamaha Attitude Bass. $2250.00 I believe the build date is 1999. This bass has many upgrades and is essentially Yamaha's version of a badass P-Bass on steroids with a hipshot D-Tuner. First, the body has been refinished to a very deep brandy wine red. Second, the bridge has been countersunk to facilitate much better lower action. Third, the frets have been laser plekked to minimize fret buzz. Fourth, grooves were made at the bridge to facilitate quick string changes. "the strings usually get caught from the bridge being countersunk" Fifth, The neck pickup was replaced with a DiMarzio XTNB. Sixth, the P-Bass pickup was replaced with a new Dimarzio Relentless DP296N pickup and Seventh this bass has been very well played over the last 20 years. A well-played bass always sounds better than a bass that sits in a closet for years. A lot of love went into this bass because it's been my go-to for many years. Why am I selling?" I have too many basses, 18 in total, and 5 of them are Attitude basses. I really need to start slimming down my inventory. I can take more photos if there is interest. The condition is excellent as you can see from the photos. 39700672_10160738057090243_1320877321703391232_n.jpg
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    The white has all the same mods as the red?
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    The only difference is the white has the stock Will Power Pickup. not the newer Relentless pickup.