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Yamaha B30-115 demolition

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by edulmes, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. edulmes


    Aug 21, 2004
    Oostburg WI
    I just got this monster FREE from a cousin of mine.
    He sold his Fender Precision on Ebay for $400 more than he paid for it, but this sat in his basement. Now he found out I played bass, so he gave it to me.

    Yes, it does work, and is old, musty, and heavy (bathroom scale says 66lbs!)

    I wanted to know a little more about it, so i did a little deconstructive surgery on it.

    According to the model name, I could devise 30watts pushing a 15". I did not know that was ever done! (My school's ashdown is 307w on a 15!) I took the amp out, and it is obviously solid-state. It seems way too loud to be only 30 watts? Well...

    After opening up the rear panel, I discovered a huge 15", rated at 50w! It IS only 30w! The inside is lined with yellow fiberglass insulation, and the rear panel has an X style brace made out of 1x2" planks.
    The 'body' of this beast is 3/4". (No wonder it weighs 66lbs!)
    It stands 26 1/2'' high, is 25 1/2" wide, and 10 1/2" deep.

    The amp/head is not contributing too much to the weight, tipping the scales at only 13.5lbs. The body and speaker is 51 lbs, about the weight of my entire 60w Behringer!
    Pull out the calculator, and I can conclude that the screws I removed weigh in at 1.5lbs? Whatever.

    I haven't heard many other amps solo to compare to this thing sound+tone wise, but I can say that it sounds less nasally and is more pleasing to the ear than my Behringer BX600.

    I have one question for those who took the time to read my ramblings: It has two input jacks: One labeled 'High' and one 'Low'. Are these for a Guitar and bass, active and passive, or for high and low tone? I could not find any difference between the tone of these jacks.

    Pictures of this mess here