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yamaha bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sdb, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. sdb

    sdb Guest

    Nov 14, 2002
    Yamaha mb2 motion.
    Anyone know what kind of bass this is?
    Price ,quality,sound,crap????

  2. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Yeahh dude... Iown one.. What you wanna know???
  3. I'll take a stab at it...

    I think he wants to know:

    ... what kind of bass this is?
    Price ,quality,sound,crap????


    (slow morning!!!)
  4. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    From My point of View.... It is an very small scaled Bass, With an fine tuning on the bridge, 2 double pick ups electronic active... For the price i dont have a clue.... I bought mine used for 400$. I found it cheep for the wood quality the sound, the playability and the hardware....

    Ill take some picture of mine for you guys... Check it out tommorrow.. mine is a little bit ... how would i say... customized.. I have sanded all the body and the neck and putted a nice goldished finished to it... I don't have to tell you that with the gold hardware it look amazing... Anyway... check it out tommorrow...
  5. FretNoMore

    FretNoMore * Cooking with GAS *

    Jan 25, 2002
    The frozen north
    That brings back memories... my second bass, ages ago, was a Yamaha MB-II, here's a picture I "borrowed" off a Japanese site...

    I remember it as a medium scale bass, comfortable to play, lightweight, but with a sound that didn't cut through at all. I modified mine with active EMG soapbars and played it for some time, but ended up selling it. Still have the EMG pups and preamp somewhere, need to think up some kind of project for those...

  6. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Hey Nice picture of your oldy...

    But the thing is that every picture i see of those bass dont look like mine... Yours have three knobs on the front and the input jack is on the front too. Mine as the in put jack on the side and i have 4 knobs on the front. They are: 1 volume, 1 pick up balancer, 1 bass boost/cut and 1 treble boost/cut. I never seened another like mine... :confused: I was supposed to bring you guys some picture but the thing is that my camera is in a box cause im about to move... But as soon as i find the box that i've put it in , ill bring them for you... If somebody knows something on that difference pease answer me.. It may be the sounding difference beetween yours and mine.. Because my bass as a nice sound when you play with that configuration... And by the way ... If you find those PicK-ups (EMG) Let me know if you want to sell them... I could be interested..

  7. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Let see that Yamaha...
  8. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Another one
  9. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Check out the headstock...
  10. J Eriksson

    J Eriksson

    Jun 8, 2005
    To Bassbben!
    Your bass is probably the more exclusive MBI. The MBI
    has oval neckinlays of mother-of-pearl. It is also active while
    the MBII is passive. I can read this in the Yamaha
    1988 catalogue.
    Janne E Sweden
  11. bajista2


    Oct 18, 2005
    I own a red MB-II and LOVE it! I've owned it for approx. 15 years. The line was originally developed by Yamaha in the mid 80's (the one I own is circa 1986). They were discontinued in 1986. I was not aware that Yamaha had an active version of this bass, the MB-I, until just a week or so ago. I have been on the hunt for these basses ever since I purchased mine. They were manufactured in 4 different colors; red, white, black, and purple. All of the MB-II's with fine tuning bridges came stock with gold hardware. I've tried to contact Yamaha directly regarding any information about where to currently find these as well as asked when they'd put them back in production (since they've recently reintroduced and updated the **old** BB series basses with active electronics) but, surprisingly, they have no record of them.

    If anyone knows where I could buy either the MB-II's with fine tuners or the MB-I active model, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
  12. Unchain

    Unchain I've seen footage.

    Jun 20, 2005
    Tucson, AZ
    Woah this thread's been goin' since 12-23-2002, but is still on page one.
  13. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    Yeah !!! that tread keeps goin like my MB1 motion bass !!!lol...

    Here is a recent pic of her...[​IMG]

    here U go !!!!

    BaSsBbEn :bassist: :bassist:
  14. Bassbben


    May 26, 2003
    LaSalle MTL
    BTW J Eriksson..... wanna know where u saw that catalog... please email me !!! thanks!
  15. I have a Motion ll that I bough new in 1986. I think it has a great sound and I love the way the neck plays. I neglected it for many years, and thought it was the reason for my bad tone, so I bought a MIM fender Jazz. 5 years latter I brought my Yamaha to get tuned up as some one borrowed it for a lympsync party and cracked the nut, well it sounded so good that I recently sold the JAzz bass and I am using the Yamaha all the time, even my band mates are impressed with the tone this thing producess. I bought a rocktron big crush compressor to even the sound. I highly recommend this bass

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