Yamaha basses - rbx375, trbx505 vs trbx305 vs PRS Kingfisher

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  1. Am currently on a pawnshop Squier Vintage modified Jaguar that i picked up cheap purely for practicing. I will likely unload it, as it has some issues that i dont feel like dropping cash on to resolve.

    (*Been playing 38 years on and off, so while i am not a professional tech, i do know how to do basic setup and truss rod adjustment, intonation, pickup height. etc ive corrected all the things an intermediate would or should be able to fix on their own)

    That said, this instrument has issues that arent worth spending $ to fix.

    Here are some of my options:

    Used 2014 Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar V $260 (local)
    Used Yamaha RBX375 ~$250 (5 hr drive, each way)
    Yamaha trbx305 $320 (after tax, new)
    Yamaha trbx505 $450 (reverb, shipped)
    PRS Kingfisher or Kestrel $425-450 (reverb or a 6 hr drive, each way)
    Yamaha 605 $450 or 500 (local, 1 hr drive)

    I've previously owned an rbx375 and really liked it, played really well. Shouldn't have given it to my daughter 4 years ago lol.

    Have to say, these squier jaguars, despite the issues with mine, punch WAY above their weight class $ wise.

    I like the idea of the trbx505 having a passive/active switch in event that @#$%@ battery dies...

    I also own a (heavily modded) PRS se standard 24 guitar - and i wont wax poetic, but its easily best guitar ive ever owned, and ive owned a few seriously nice guitars. Id grab it before anything else ive owned if there was a fire!

    So, what do you guys think, among what ive listed?

    *keep in mind, before you suggest super expensive stuff, am also buying a rig for jamming in a hard rock, metal, punk or fusion band, so i am on a budget, for which the PRS' ans TRBX505 represent the furthest i can stretch.

    I realize i might be able to get into a MIM jazz, or even a jackson (model # forgot) bass i saw today in this range, but having owned that rbx375 and felt it was a GREAT value (paid $130 in pawn shop for it), am heavily leaning towarda yamaha as giving me a HUGE amount of bang for the buck.

    New bass rig is likely to be gb gbe400 head with a gk neo 4x12 cab or 2x10s or 2 1x12 cabs, because DRUMMERS lol

    You guys already know, i wanna rattle their fillings loose and earthquake them off their thrones, dont get me started on the guitarists with their stacks lol

    Thanks in advance for any advice, steering or pitfalls to avoid!

    Am on a budget, so have to make sure i have enough $ left over foe the leather jeans and face paint Lmfaoo

    ***I'm j/k about abov, im not auditioning for King Diamond, gwar or slipknot.

    *Am actually also considering getting a standup bass or cello to deal with the stress from my GAS and this current bs. That would be relaxing to play imo.
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  2. Well, not that anyone commented, but I found a decent deal on an RBX775 locally and am gonna go that route for now.

    *The Jag will be up for sale, but locally on FB marketplace, along with it's hardshell case. No shipping.