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  1. Peter S

    Peter S

    Nov 27, 2008
    Northern Ireland
    I have just bought a very very second hand 5 string at a reasonable price as above. Just starting 5 string. Neck and frets are fine. My main bass is a Jazz and I thought I would like to make this one different by adding Dimarzio Ultra Jazz - 5 String Bass Pickups to improve the Yamaha pickups. Are there better pickup options to consider. I like a fat thump sound.

    Now here is the bit where you laugh! Eventually I might/probably will change the pots but in the meantime why can't I just use small terminal block to join the new pickups to the old pots. Say leave an inch of wire max on the pots and put the joining block there. I have never soldered and don't fancy it.

    Also is there such a thing as tone and volume controls that work in a linear fashion? My experience to date on starting from 0% to 360 % is nothing, nothing, nothing, 270% something and then a bit more etc.

    I love this site. I am aged 58 and only started playing again 2 years ago but am taking a more professional approach - hence the use of terminal block lol.
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