Yamaha BB, current and previous series, pickups?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a Yamaha BB sooner or later. A few years ago I was looking at the BB1024 (either the X or the non-X version, that is, with or without pickguard). I really liked how it didn't exactly sound like a Precision with the split soloed (it was less mid-forward, a bit smoother on the bass and treble, which makes it a bit more "polite", so to speak, something that can be useful sometimes, and I have very impolite basses anyway :D ) and very balanced with both pickups on, without any of the honkiness you get on the treble strings with many PJs. I never actually bought it, and now that I'm actually thinking of doing it, a new series has come out, with a more Fenderish style. How do the two series compare? (Let's take the current 43x series, which is broadly equivalent, pricewise, to the old 102x series, confusingly enough). I "like" the fact that the pickups are standard-sized and can be easily swapped, and judging by what I hear, it still has a "Yamaha" vibe in its sound (more controlled, smooth treble and miss, warm lows), but is it as balanced as the older series was?
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    I have played the BBP series and the BB1024x. The BBP are slightly smoother sounding. Personally I think it’s an improvement but some would probably argue the opposite.
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    Having owned both the previous gen & the BBP generation (at the same time), I can say that they both sound fantastic. However, there are slight tonal differences. The newest BBP models were design to have slightly more reach in the highs than the previous generation. The previous gens seemed to have more low-mid punch and slightly hotter pickups IMO. When I want the warmest tone between the two gens, I would grab the previous gen model. If I wanted a slight more "modern" BB tone, I would grab the BBP. They both have the inherent BB tone, just slightly different tonal nuances.

    Here a great A/B video between the previous 1024 gen and the BBP gen - hopefully it helps.

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