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Yamaha BB1025X vs. 2025X

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bachlover, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. For anyone out there in googleland who has a chance to purchase either of these basses, this is for you.

    My experience with these basses began when I decided it was time for a 5 string Fender P. I bought one from a store that has a 30 day money back trial policy. I found that the B string didn't measure up to what I was looking for. I posted a thread asking for help in finding that P bass sound in a 5er and one of the suggestions was the Yammy BB1025X (X = PG). I returned the Fender, the owner checked to see what they had that might fit the bill. Nothing in house but a 2025X in Toronto that he would have to order. The shipping charge and the week's rental would be passed on to me if I decided to purchase it, otherwise, I'd just be out the rental. I checked one of their other stores in town along with a couple of competitors and found the only one available recommended by TBers was the 1025. I bought it, played it, loved it, and called the other store to go ahead and order the 2025 which I rented and have been countlessly swapping out with the 1025 comparing it with the 1025 to see if it is worth the added price. The difference (both used) is $780. New, the difference would be $1800 (assuming the max price I saw it listed for @$2800 - I did see them as low as $2500. The 1025 is pretty much around $1000 Cdn.)

    Aesthetically, they both needed time for me to get to like them, but I do now. The 1025 is tobacco burst, the other black. The only 4 differences visually other than color is the 2025 has a small plate around the input jack, the fretboard is cut at a 45 degree angle from the nut allowing the strings to stretch without interference from the top of the board to the peg (the 1025 has maybe 1/8 - 1/4" from the nut to the cut), and the tuning posts are smaller. The neck on the 2025 is darker than the 1025, probably due to the treatments that it undergoes which I'll briefly describe in a bit. The 2025 is made in Japan, the 1025, Indonesia.

    Soundwise, the 2025 has more punch with the split pup soloed, and more growl with both P and J pups together. The bridge J pup soloed is brighter on the 2025. These 2 short sentences took hours of cycling back and forth on both instruments, and I found the differences to be very slight.

    The big difference in price could be accounted to R & D that Yamaha invested in the methods they use to replicate an aged bass. Briefly, one used pressure/temp./humidity to molecularly alter the body wood so it's the same as a "vintage" bass. (I read that the supposed difference is only 15 years!). The other is to vibrate the instrument at different frequencies to replicate the vibration and consequent settling in of an instrument that had been played for a period of time (presumably 15 years also). Being as there is so little else that differentiates the 2 basses, this has to account for that huge $ difference.

    I'm 98% sure I won't do the deal. Firstly, because the sound difference I'm hearing doesn't justify the large difference in price. The 2nd reason occurred last night when I practiced with some classic rock guys. I realized that in the mix, those slight differences won't make much (if any) difference overall. Yamaha might have cut their own throat with the 2025 by making the 1025 such a fine instrument. It punches through just fine, and with tonal adjustments on either the guitar or amp, the difference in sound will be slight, if any.
  2. bassarama


    Sep 14, 2006
    I have played both in Toronto.
    IMHO YAMAHA has certainly shot themselves in the foot with the closeness of the 2 models and a VAST price tag difference that neither translates significantly in either SOUND or VALUE, much less looks. There is no visible difference to the untrained eye when both models are in the same color-Black, for example.

    The bridge pickup is mercilessly NOISY ( see ED playing one on YouTube the 2025X and wondered too why Yamaha does not address that noise problem in such an expensive bass ? )

    The bass sales guy as well as the store manger (at the Top Music Chain here in Canada's flag store locale Toronto) concede the 2025 X is over priced. I hasten to offer, over-hyped--- by YAMAHA themselves. I have been playing Yamaha BB 3000S, BB Broad Bass 2000, and BB5000 since 1983 and these period basses are VASTLY SUPERIOR in construction, tone, playability, and aesthetics (looks, 5 piece neck thru, passive electronics, ebony boards etc. ) to the current BB2024X and BB2025X models IMHO.

    As another TBer aptly stated "Yamaha has whisked some fairy dust on the 2025X and expects it to be something that bassists will dive over a 1025 to get to"...to their chagrin most will not including myself and likely the OP ?:rollno:

    A MINT BB 2025X in Black sold locally for $1500 with case, and there is another beat up one at a local well known Cdn chain for $1500 Plus Tax and it has NO CASE. It has been there a long time. I admit to having the bug for one BUT after my Roscoe Beck 5 destroying the BB2025X at the local music store, I personally closed the file on those pieces and turned a new one down w/case for $1500 private sale.. Already the 2024 and 2025 (no guards) have been discontinued.

    Ironically I was at YAMAHA CANADA today to get some odd fixtures for the killin BB 3000S.

    Best regards :)
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  3. Thx Bassarama, you've settled the last 2% for me. I thought maybe I was missing something so I kept switching back and forth, but I just couldn't hear that great of a difference. I'm on my way to L & M now to return it. Thanks for your input, you just helped me save $780!
  4. bassarama


    Sep 14, 2006
    Yeah mon...No Problem.
    Happy plucking.
  5. Thanks for your comments on your RBV as well. In all of the testing I've been doing with (1st) the Fender P's B string, and then (2nd) the 1025 vs. the 2025, I didn't think to check how they all compared to the RB w/neck pup. If there's anything I've learned through this whole experience, it's that there will probably be a difference in sound from one model to the next. In the case of the 1025 vs. 2025 vs. RBV vs. Fender P (excepting that hollow, weak B), the differences I found were subtle, too subtle to justify the purchase of either the 1025 or 2025. I had all I needed all along with the RBV with the neck pup soloed. Kudos to L & M for crediting me for the purchases of both Yammys, no questions asked, no hassles given. I'm now out a Yammy but have gained an even greater appreciation for the RB - you were right, it blows both out of the water! Hopefully this'll serve as GAS reduction in the future.
  6. copacetic


    May 23, 2007
    I agree on your points BB2024/5 & BB 1024/5(x or not). I just happened to be able to get the 2024 for a great price only slightly used. I definitly was on the road for a 1024, which I thought was a great bass and deal (I think $899. In most stores). However after getting the 2024 in hand,that resonant body, light weight 7 1/2 lbs. and balanced i.e. No neck dive, and quite amazing spectrum of sounds covering P & Jazz and even beyond sold me. My only complaint is why they could not look closely at the bridge pickup and that single coil hum! Also being a witness from the beginning of the Yamaha Broad Bass series, I would have to say that by an ever so slight marging definitly the tip of their ice berg and sums up quite well what they have been going for with the BB series. EXCEPT the PRICE.