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Yamaha BB1200s

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by mw, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. mw


    Jul 24, 2000
    anyone know any info on these?
    here is what i do know: i just got one and it kicks the crap out of most p's i've heard. the only one comparable to my ears is my 81 G&L l1000 set to single coil... but that has a different aggressive-vintage vibe. this one is more modern sounding. single reverse P pickup. neck through construction. active 3-band eq (really well voiced, though a tad noisy) switchable to passive tone control. this is an interesting design, as i did that with my old fender jazz special (PJ pickups) and an EMG eq, among other things. it has a solid, musical tone all the way up the neck. not as aggressive as the l-1000. the neck is unique. it fits me perfect, but it is a far cry from a jazz neck (which i do not prefer). quality all around. this one is the old 80's run of the BB series.

    anyone else have stuff to add?

    there is not much info out there on the 1200s... are they rare?
  2. bigbajo60


    Nov 7, 2003
    Laredo, Texas
    Don't know about the "s" BB's, but my '82 passive BB1200 is a mean sounding rock 'n roll beast!

    And I really dig Yamaha's version of a "sunburst" finish... aka "Brown Stain". Luscious!
  3. Do a search in this forum for "BB1200" and you'll find a lot of comments, many by me. I've got a couple, one passive that has been converted to fretless and EMGs, one fretted "s" that still has the original Yamaha pickup and three band EQ. I love 'em both, the combination of five piece maple/mahogany neck-through and alder wings gives these basses great tone, and the workmanship, fit and finish is very good.

    The reversed P gives a fullness to the D and G strings that makes any kind of walking line a pleasure. I can't imagine a better bass for blues, gospel and other old school music. My fretless is still my main bass for jazz. They are neck heavy though, and I've come to prefer the more jazz like neck and greater variety of sound available on my BB3000 P/J.

    Not familiar with that, here's my '79 cherry sunburst:
  4. bigbajo60


    Nov 7, 2003
    Laredo, Texas
    THAT'S the finish! :D

    When I originally ordered the BB1200, the Yamaha Catalogs listed the color as "Brown Stain". It is close to what other manufacturers call "Cherry Sunburst"... especially under the lights.

    I guess the fact that the edges tend more towards brown gave the Yammie guys the idea as to what to call the finish.