SOLD Yamaha BB2025X 5 string black

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    Yamaha BB2025X for sale. The bass is in good condition but does show some wear that is hard to capture (even with my SLR). There is an indent where your right arm would rest (above the pick guard) that can be seen in the 3rd photo. Also, there are some surface scratches on the back and front and some light indentations. There are no imperfections that go through the finish.

    Overall, this is an amazingly constructed bass. The finish and fretwork are top notch and the passive pickup system is spot on. The neck is nice and thin, but not too thin. I would put it closer to a jazz neck than a precision.

    Personally, I’m more of a “modern” bass person so hence the reason this is for sale. Comes with OHSC, which is in good condition.









  2. Christmas bump.
  3. I guess when the communication stops the sale has fallen through. This bass is still available.

    Will ship from Niagara Fall NY if a deal can be made by Jan 5th.

    This is a great bass. Compare with Shadowsky, Lull, USA Fender Custom Shop etc...
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    Any trade interest ??
  5. Wasn't really thinking that, however, you never know! Shoot me a PM.
  6. Still here. One of the best vintage style basses out there.
  7. any takers? Still here, $1700 shipped from Niagara Falls NY if a deal is done by the 5th.
  8. Will do $1650 shipped from Niagara Falls USA on Jan 6th if someone wants to grab this incredible bass today. Pretty good deal here considering a new one will cost you $2800.
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    PMd ya
  10. Using my bathroom scale this bass weigh's 9.6lbs....not bad for a 5-string...
  11. This baby is gone!
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