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  1. bassackwards

    bassackwards Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Nice 80's Yamaha BB300 in the pearlescent(sp?) white finish. Some fret-wear and a couple minor dings and scratches here and there but real good condition for it's age. Strait neck.The finish is that really cool pearly white finish that kind of changes color with greenish-pinkish overtones in certain light (kinda like they used to paint certain Roadstars and Musicians). This is a bolt-on with p-style pickups and vintage-style reverse tuners that resemble vintage Fenders. Nice bridge with beefy bridge-saddles. Could use some new strings and bridge adjustment accordingly, but has the potential to be an excellent player with very little work. Will e-mail picture on request. Ask any questions before purchase because all sales are final. Paypal accepted. 200.oo+actual shipping of your choice