Yamaha BB5000A wide neck pickup/preamp options?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by GlueKill, Mar 30, 2018.

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    I recently got this and while I love how it plays, I have not quite gotten the sounds I want out of the pickups. It sounds like it may have a grounding issue and the treble potentiometer feels like it is full of molasses or something. From what I gather, these are active pickups so you can't just ditch the preamp. I might be looking into replacing either the preamp or switching to a passive system.

    The BB5000 has passive pickups and I really do like its sound which is why I am floating the idea of switching to a passive system.

    As far as I know, the passive version only was available with a narrow neck. The wide neck Yamaha basses of this vintage have a unique pickup shape which limits replacement options without potentially routing the body and I am trying to avoid that.

    The TRB 5P I think is the only other model Yamaha made that uses active pickups that shape. It also has a fancier preamp but those still wind up being replaced. The Yamaha Attitude Standard 5 and older RBX5 use passive pickups that are the same shape.

    The thought of buying one of those just to gut it seems a bit extreme but the only aftermarket pickups I could find are made by MAMA which would cost about the same as an entire Attitude 5 or RBX5.

    This was the only sound sample I was able to find of the MAMA pickups.

    Any thoughts? Tips? Pointers?
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  2. BTW I own a BB424 that I love. If it was mine I would strip it and shield the total of the cavities with copper foil (conductive adhesive) including a ground contact patch under the bridge. Then change out the defective pot. Put it back together and work from that point. Try to fix your suspected faults first.

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  3. The Yamaha currently is being gone over by the guy who sorted out my Ibanez SRF705 prototype's finicky electronics. I may be mistaken, but it looks like replacement potentiometers for the BB5000A preamp are not the easiest to find due to the oddball shaft length.
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    Congrats, on the 5000!!!
    Your Luthier might try cleaning the pots, first, with De-Oxit, before replacing. He may already have. . Just my two cents worth. The shielding is also a safe bet... You will know if the pickups are active, if they have leads, connected, to the battery. Just need to do some tracing.. .
    Good luck, and enjoy that Yammy!! !
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