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Yamaha BB5000A

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Megaknor, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Hello list,

    Anybody familiar with the Yamaha BB5000A? I bought one a week ago for €600, which I think is quite a nice price for a neck-through instrument with active pickups and electronics. It also came with an original brochure featuring the BB basses and also the LB basses, which look like TRB's with a horrible headstock.

    The instrument looks like new and I just wondered when it was made. Could not really find much on the internet about these basses. Anybody know more about these instruments?
  2. The Japan made BB (late 70s through late 80s) series featured pro level production made basses with (supposed) design input from Bunny Brunnel, Leland Sklar and Nathan East.

    If memory serves, the BB5000 was an late 80s addition to the line. I've seen 3 versions of the bass, narrow and medium string spacing, and a pickup variation.
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  3. Hi, I've had one of these for some time now and this bass has never given me any trouble. Over 13 years the neck is straight and it still plays like new.

    The electronics are very clean, one of the first things that stood out. Love the neck.
  4. BB5A


    Jan 19, 2009
    I have a BB5000A in a very dark blue metallic. I bought this bass used. The original pickups had been replaced with EMG humbuckers with a 9 volt power supply, everything else was stock. I am able to get great tones from this bass and the B string is supprisingly tight and articulate. Please inform me of some of your experiences and impressions using your BB5000A. Also, have you heard of anyone else who has humbuckers on this bass.


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