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Yamaha BB614 or Carvin B4 Fretless?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Big Cadillac, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I have major GAS for a fretless after watching the Tony Franklin video through the link someone posted in the last week or so. This will be my first fretless. I would probably prefer a more "classic" tone. If I got a B4 I would upgrade to active electronics and add a HB4 humbucker. Should I go Yamaha BB614 or upgraded Carvin B4?
  2. g00eY


    Sep 17, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    i like Carvins (a lot), but i've never tried that Yamaha.
  3. ClassicJazz

    ClassicJazz Bottom Feeders Unite!! Supporting Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Delray Beach, Florida
    I had a Carvin B5F fretless setup with the same PU's you mentioned. Hands down one of the best fretless basses I ever owned. The ebony fretboards on the Carvins are a work of art!
  4. chucko58


    Jan 17, 2002
    Silicon Valley, CA, USA
    I paid for all my gear myself. Well, me and MasterCard.
    What ClassicJazz said. I have a B5F with the big humbucker at the bridge. Great tone, very playable. I haven't tried the Yamaha, but I believe you won't be disappointed with the Carvin.
  5. I had a feeling the Carvin would be viewed favorably. Thanks all for your comments..
  6. sargebaker

    sargebaker Commercial User

    May 2, 2004
    Montreal QC CA
    owner/builder, ISLAND Instrument Mfg.
    Yamaha's and I were never compatible, I know alot of cats here like them though and they didn't get to where they are by making sub adequate products. That said, I've had great experience with my Carvin and there's not much to say that hasn't been said, bang for buck, hardware/fit&finish/wood quality, playability etc... I'd definately take the risk with a Carvin, worst case scenario you return it at a loss of shipping and time.
  7. I just ordered a Carvin catalog....
  8. chucko58


    Jan 17, 2002
    Silicon Valley, CA, USA
    I paid for all my gear myself. Well, me and MasterCard.
    Carvin just happens to have a B4F on their Guitars In Stock page.
  9. Eilif

    Eilif Holding it down in K-Town. Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2001
    I have a Carvin (lb75f) frettless with the humbucker and I love it. Go carvin!
  10. I did see the 'Black" B4F in stock but I was thinking about a different body and finish. Perhaps a tung-oiled walnut or something which would show the wood grain - either matte or tung-oil finish on-top. I hate to see a nice woodgrain covered with paint.

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