SOLD Yamaha BBPH Peter Hook Signature Ltd Edition BB Bass Red

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    Yamaha BBPH Peter Hook Signature Limited Edition BB Bass Red

    $2000 + Shipping.

    This is a very Limited Edition Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BBPH Bass. Made in 2020, it's one of only a handful of instruments that were officially made for dealers in the US. They sold out in record time.

    I can send more photos, audios and videos upon request.

    Weight is 8.6Lbs.

    This BBPH is a combination of old and new elements from the legendary BB1200S and newer BB734A basses. It comes with the reversed VSP7n Split Single Pickup and active preamp with 3-band EQ and passive/active switch that allows you to get both classic and modern BB tones.

    The body is made of a 3-piece alder/maple/alder while the neck is made of a 5-piece maple/mahogany with matching headstock and Bolt-on (6-bolt miter neck joint like on the BB734A) that brings out the unique Peter Hook's tone. The distinctive "BB1200S Red" finish evokes Hook's classic instrument. The neck definitely feels slimmer than the BB1200S and it seems close to a Jazz Bass profile, very comfy specially to play higher on the fretboard indeed.

    The instrument is really in "like new" condition without any single dent, scratch, marks at all. It's currently set with low action and it comes with its original premium gig bag and manual, tags and adjustment tools.

    It will be professionally packed and insured to continental US only. Local pickup in LA is also available at no cost. Yamaha BBPH V2 - 2.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 3.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 4.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 5.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 6.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 7.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 8.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 9.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 10.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 11.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 12.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 13.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 14.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 15.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 16.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 17.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 18.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 19.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 20.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 21.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 22.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 23.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 24.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 25.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 26.jpeg Yamaha BBPH V2 - 27.jpeg
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