Yamaha BX-1 OHSC 1986

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  1. Pics : http://www.flickr.com/photos/jochemvandijk/sets/72157642109532063/

    I am asking $425,- shipped CONUS.

    I got this in from a fellow TB-er - since I meanwhile got my hands on something else that soundwise is in the same ballpark, it is pointless for me to keep the BX-1 around, as fun as it is.

    It is in the exact same condition I got it in, it hasn't left the house since. I found zero issues, it still has the strings on it it came with (you can put any brand on it due to the Yamaha-specific headclamps) and the bass is very very LOUD, with deep lows and clear highs. Comes with its original case. Personally, I thought the build quality to be amazing, this is 80ties Japanese quality wood and machining you really don't see these days. A sturdy feeling bass considering its size, and the tone reflects that. The few headless Hohners and offshore Steinberger branded basses I have had in my hands don't come close, IMO. It's a 34 scale with a full 2 octave neck and I get a 6.8 lbs weight. Nut is 1 7/16, which makes for fairly shallow neck.

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  6. price drop to $465 shipped conus
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  8. It was just my bday bump. And I think $425 shipped is a great price
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    is this still available ?