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Yamaha - electro-acoustic fretless 4 string - ????

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by arther daily, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. Hi, I played a Yamama Electro-Acoustic unlined fretless 4 string bass this weekend in a local music shop.

    It was priced at £695, the shop owner told me the bass was 2nd hand and that brand new they cost about £1100.

    I've checked the Yamaha site and found nothing. Does anyone know anything about this bass... brief description:

    Black and what looked like flamed maple veneer underneath? Headstock 2+2, black board. Nylon strings, so I assume a piezo pickup somewhere? It had three knobs, Volume Treble and Bass.

    It had nylon strings and sounded about as close to a upright bass I can imagine a bass guitar could. It played quite nicely, but I dont own or play a fretless so I dont have anything to judge it against(?)

    Only down-side was that some (idiot) had used roundwounds on it and scratched the fretboard, stupid, but I guess it can be fixed pretty easily?

    Basically I want to know if anyone has any experience of this bass, what they're like and how much I should pay for it?
  2. OK, the vital info. Model = APX B12E

  3. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Did it have a round sound hole? If you are not interested where's the shop? Thanks.
  4. it did yes... and I'm about to mkae an offer and put a deposit on it today!

    If the guy wont accept my offer and wants more than I'm willing to spend, I'll let you know - the shop is in Reading.

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