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Yamaha FX500B....Opinions?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by doc540, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. doc540


    Jul 28, 2003
    Beaumont, Texas
    I'm considering effects and a Yamaha FX500B has crossed my path. My preamp and poweramp are Yamaha, and I'm vain enough to want to match the set. :oops:

    Anyone have an opinion about this unit?

  2. doc540


    Jul 28, 2003
    Beaumont, Texas
    No one?

    Well, let's try this...has anyone even heard of this unit?

    :confused: :)
  3. stratixx


    Jun 7, 2010
    im interested in yamaha fx500b
    any opinions?
  4. Evanseveneleven


    Aug 23, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: DR Strings
    I bought one new, probably in 1989 or 1990 and had a lot of fun with it, though I only used it for specific sounds and effects, and never considered using it for my basic sound. I had it pretty well programmed and used it with a foot controller and a pair of cc pedals which I had assigned to various effects. The presets in it are pretty useless and will all need to be tweaked substantially. Most of the modulation effects are very similar to the sounds in the spx90 and are not what you would expect in a bass effects box these days. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange, Distortion, Compression and EQ from memory, but no envelope follower, wah, synth, octaver or maximizer. Nothing really phat sounding.
    Still, no doubt it would be really cheap to buy these days and it is fun to program. A lot of the sounds that I had those days I have not come close to reproducing with modern analog gear.
  5. esa372


    Aug 7, 2010
    Los Angeles, CA
    I bought one new somewhere around 1990; used it quite often between '90 and '96.

    I dug it a lot. I used it for three basic settings:
    chorus + distortion
    chorus + delay

    I had two 15s on the bottom of my rig, and four 10s on top; I ran the FX500B just through the 10s, and kept the 15s clean.

    I worked great, and I love the sound I hear from it in the recordings of the gigs. I agree with Evanseveneleven, though; it does take some tweaking to dial in the sounds you want.

    I still have it but I'm not using it. My current set-up is effects-free: just the bass, the amp, the cabs, and me. :D
  6. JmJ


    Jan 1, 2008
    I have one and found it pretty useful, decent EQ with overlapping frequencies. I got some good distortion tones by jacking up the volume of the compressor to "overdrive" the distortion section (if you try this beware of the momentary volume spike when switching settings). I also liked to use the flanger with a real long sweep. If it's less than 100 bucks it's worth it. I have also used it for recording other instruments as well, the reverb has some decent "depth" to it and sounds great with vocals. I only use it at home these days.
  7. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    It is very, very outdated. I keep it in my PA rack and use it for individual effects when I need them. ADA conversion is really bad to today's standards so it's better used for time effects that come on top of your basic tone.

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