SOLD YAMAHA Japan 1989 TRB-5 Lined Fretless

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    Yamaha TRB (1).jpg Yamaha TRB (2).jpg Yamaha TRB (3).jpg Yamaha TRB (7).jpg Yamaha TRB (8).jpg Yamaha TRB (4).jpg Yamaha TRB (5).jpg Yamaha TRB (10).jpg Yamaha TRB (6).jpg Yamaha TRB (9).jpg Yamaha TRB (11).jpg Yamaha TRB.jpg Yamaha Serial.png

    This Yamaha Japan TRB-5 Fretless is Used and in Good Condition. It has been played regularly and shows lots of normal surface wear (mostly around the neck joint in the slap/pop zones).
    The neck is straight, back of the neck has one ding (pictured) and some thumbnail wear here and there, the fingerboard has some light string wear. Action has been set low with nickel roundwounds and intonation has been properly set. A non-original, generic gig bag is included and the bass will be securely packed (double boxed) and fully insured.

    According to the Yamaha Serial Number system PDF I found (see above), this bass falls into the 1986-1989 System #E4. The TRB was introduced in 1989, so this bass would be a first year 1989 model.
    • BODY: Ash
    • NECK: Maple
    • SCALE LENGTH: 34" (confirmed)
    • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
    • INLAY: None
    • NUT WIDTH: 1.79" (45.5 mm)
    • BRIDGE: Gotoh, 19mm spacing (confirmed with my calipers)
    • MACHINE HEADS: Gotoh Closed Gear
    • PICKUPS: Dual Yamaha Active Alnico Stacked Single Coil (neck/bridge)
    • ELECTRONICS: Active 9V
    • CONTROLS: Volume, Blend, 3-Band EQ
    • FINISH: Transparent Blue Stain - Matte/Satin Finish
    • WEIGHT: 9 lbs, 6 oz
    • ORIGIN: Japan
    SELLING FOR $1000 + SHIPPING, international shipping is no problem, just PM me for a quote.
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    Well... that didn't last long.
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    This bass is much more recent than 1989. I’m no historian, but iirc, this version was made no earlier than the late ‘90’s.
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