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Yamaha John Patitucci Signature

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by primus_55, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. primus_55


    Dec 28, 2004

    Last weekend i saw a jazz band from hungary, and the bass player was amazing. He was playing a patitucci sig, and it was one of the best sounding basses i have ever heard!

    Has anyone on talkbass got one? Any sound clips? Any pics?

    This thing was amazing! Id love to buy one, but they are far to dear for me, so would the tones i could achieve from the yamaha TRB1006 be close to patitucci's signature? Anything like it at all?

    Thank you!
  2. Peik


    Dec 2, 2004

    The Patitucci is a really nice bass. I have only played it once for a short time, but have spend a little more time with the TRB1006.

    The TRB1006 is a different animal. The price for one is a lot different, but wood combos and electronics, make the difference between the two basses quit large.
    The TRB1006 is a good 6 string in its own right, but it does not compare to the TRB JP2. The JP2 has ebony fretboard and a maple/ash/alder/maple body ( yes it is quit a sandwich) plus different electronics and pickups.
    The TRB1005 has rosewood fretboard and alder/maple body.

    But give the TRB1006 a go, you might like it.