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Yamaha Magicstomp EB & Pedaltrain Jr.-SC Pedal Board

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Ian Perge, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. For sale today is an item I'm no longer using, so I'd much rather give my peeps @ TalkBass first shot at rather than eBay.

    For Sale is a Yamaha Magicstomp EB (Electric Bass version) multi-effect unit. IMO fantastic sounds that can be outputted in stereo for great choruses, ping-pong delays and other time-based effects (99 preset, 99 user locations) and can work as a "POD-like" direct box for recording use with mic/amp/speaker simulations using it's "Deep Edit" function. Perfect for the multi-instrumentalist as you can download and save patches from the MagicStomp site for the electric and acoustic guitar versions. For more info check out the page @ Yamaha.com. Unit in Like-New condition (never gigged with, left my practice room, or even used with shoes) except for the removal of the rubber "feet" for attaching Velcro for mounting to my pedalboard. These can be picked up at any hardware/craft store for a minimal amount of money and I'll remove the Velcro attached to the bottom or leave it on if you use a pedalboard - your choice. Also comes with original AC adapter, manual, paperwork, and software in original box. Asking $80 shipped via PayPal to CONUS, overseas at my decision plus additional shipping.

    Pedaltrain Jr.-SC *SOLD* - left up for reference
    The second item for sale is my Pedaltrain Jr.-SC pedalboard with softcase. I've upgraded to the "2-HC" model due to an addiction to effects ( ;) ) and have to sell this to help pay it off, but that weren't the case I'd be keeping it as a backup "small board" (which can still hold a surprising number of pedals.) Never gigged with or left my practice room as well, also in "Like-New" condition except for 2 extremely minimal (1-2mm) scratches that will be covered by Velcro anyway. Also comes with the softcase, shoulder strap, zip ties, and 1 roll of new Velcro from Pedaltrain for mounting your pedals. Dimensions: frame 17x12.5x2 inches - weight 3 lbs., soft case 19x15x5 inches - weight 4 lbs. Asking $70 shipped via PayPal to CONUS, overseas at my decision plus additional shipping.

    PM me with any questions or interest! Pedaltrain Jr.-SC *SOLD*
  2. 3NotesAbar


    Jul 3, 2005
    Dibs on the Magicstomp! PM sent. :)
  3. PM answered - Yamaha MagicStomp on hold for 3NotesAbar!
  4. Sale fell through - Magicstomp back on the market!
  5. *PRICE DROP!*
  6. One last price drop before eBay...
  7. PM replied to.
  8. Pedaltrain Jr. SOLD to vcs700s! Enjoy!
  9. Vladpire


    Dec 11, 2007
    any synth like effects in that magic stomp? I've been looking all over the net for some sound samples, but all I can find are loads of the guitar version sound samples, nothing on the bass version.
  10. I'll be honest and say that synth sounds aren't it's forte. It's got a decent envelope filter and killer octaver both above as well as below the note (which helps make for good synth) but I'd go for a dedicated synth-type pedal for that.

    ...and PM returned.
  11. PM returned: Yamaha Magicstomp *SOLD* pending payment.

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