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Yamaha, Mark bass and Yorkville

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. well today i went to test a few amps....needing to upgrade shortly and i found a few new additions to my local store...my fav heads being the new Yamaha BBT 500h
    Markbass Little Mark
    and the big daddy Yorkville XS800H

    all were tested with the coresponding brand 4x10 cabinet

    well..opinions, these are all great heads, love the wieght, lack of i mean, of the yamaha, and the incredible versatility of the head..i only really tested the presets all on flat...and it sounded good verging on great, with a few hours tweaking and storing all your presets to how you like i think this would be a great studio amp, not quite sure on how well it would go in a live situation due to how touchy the controls are, might not be the best for changing on the fly...but still a great head..i was also really impressed with the yamaha 410..loved the fuzz preset

    tha mark bass head was real impressive..smaller than the yamaha but about 2-3 times the wieght..great tone...not to fond of the Vintage Speaker Simulator thingy (not sure if thats the right name), made it a little too muddy for my tastes...but a great sounding simple head

    now, onto the big daddy, the big cheese, the big boss of them all....the monster yorkville...i ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVED this head...great versatility, shiny, and bright lights..oooooooo..love being able to switch from solid state to tube preamp and the tube overdrive was so nice and smooth but gritty at the same time...also loved being able to blend the clean sound with the overdrive..i was fond of the compressor, and i dont usually like using a compressor..did i mention it was shiny?

    the yamaha was the cheapest at $1395aus
    seccond came the mark bass at $1495aus
    then came the Yorkville at $1895aus

    they were all tested with a Fender Mexican Deluxe Active Jazz With Noiseless Pups And All Controls Flat
  2. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Hey thanks for that. I wish I had access to try three new amps like that. I bought the Markbass limited edition F-1. It's red instead of yellow.

    I would have leaned the way of the Yamaha, but a driver for me was an 8 ohm bottom sitting in the basement and desire for a lot of power into 8 ohms. I'm still not sure about the VLE control either. I have only gigged with the head twice. It is loud.

    Good brief review. Thanks
  3. Meehaw


    Jun 11, 2003
    Gdynia, Poland
    Thanks for the reviews. I'm placing my order on the Yammie this week . :hyper:
  4. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Does the yamaha have a footswitch or anything of the sort? The Yorkville seems interesting.. Though i'm still leaning towards the mesa 2000..
  5. i think the yamaha has a footswitch...i know there's midi in/out in the back....oh the yamaha has so much extra stuff on the back like speaker simulation and stuff.....im not sure if the yorkie has a footswitch though...would be good for the compressor and tube od.....the only other amp im really attracted to is the nemesis combos which are just amazing for the price
  6. Snarf


    Jan 23, 2005
    Glen Cove, NY
    I can defintely say that Nemesis combos are pretty amazing. I have a 115, and it's a little short on the high end. So if you were going to get one, I'd probably go for a 210 if you need a little extra high end. But at this point I want to step up to a modular rig, and at this point I'm saving for a Yorkville 800.
  7. the 410 nemesis combo is nice...but i really like the 210..if was gonna head down that road id get the 210 cab to go with it....but with that yamaha i was only getting 250w out of it through that 410..id like the try the yamaha with 2 x 2x10 cabs to pull the full 500w..im surprised yamaha dont make any 15" cabs though
  8. Turlu

    Turlu Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2000
    Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
    Good to hear you loved the XS800H. It is indeed a great Amp with tons of power !!!! Now, match it with the XC808 ( 8 X 8 Cabinet ) and you will hear thunder !!!! :)

    The new Yamaha seems also very interesting.
  9. *doesnt like 8's :bag: *

    is in preference of a good 15" or 2x15" over anything..but is liking 10's more and more