Yamaha NE-1 Equalizer mini review.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Munjibunga, Sep 9, 2001.

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    Yeah, this is the one I got for $29 on Labor Day at the GC blowout sale in El Toro. I like it.

    It's supposedly used by Nathan East to get his signature sound. What it does is cuts the mid frequencies at a selected frequency center. The frequencies are not marked on the frequency knob, so you just have to diddle around until you find the center you like. Yamaha's literature says Nathan likes setting "4" on this knob, although there's no "4" (or any other number) marked around it ... just tick marks. So you have to count the ticks.

    OK, then you can select either a "Deep" or "Shallow" cut. It also lets you select "Flat," which I assume is a bypass. The only other control is the Level knob, which, uh, sets the output level to your amp.

    So it's essentially a one-band, semi-fully parametric EQ for mids only, and it only cuts the mid. It does give a nice crisp sound with the frequency set at 3 or 4. Kinda tight sounding. I experimented mostly with my Eden WT-300 set flat all the way across, but still couldn't resist turning up the bass a click. (As I've said before, I can resist ANYTHING ... except temptation.) All in all, a fun tool to have for a tight, modern sound, with some slappability. But make sure you've already got your SABDDI in the gig bag before you add this. It's not a replacement.

    I still don't play like Nathan East, however. Must need that Yamaha bass.
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