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    Jun 1, 2004
    hi, I had put this in the Pickups forum but i got no replies so pleas don`t get annoyed at me

    i have just been told the Pickups on most Yamaha`s and on many other basses are called "SoapBar" pickups. I don`t quite know much about these pickups though, are they different to J and P pickups or are they both combined? can someone explain it to me?

    As I`m here i may aswel ask something else aswel, is there any difference between a Fretless Jazz bass and a normal one apart from there not being any frets?

    thanks in advance
  2. Soapbars is just a slang for the shape of the pickups. They're generally dual coil where a J is a single coil. Most "soapbar" pickups can be tapped to run as a single coil as well. Kinda the best of both worlds.

    There are many options out there for pickups though. That's a very general description.
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    Frijoles Negros

    Mar 21, 2004