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  1. first off, Ill apopligse for the annoying subjuect line, but I had to put something "used car saleman" ish, to try to get attention. anyways, I offered once before and no one bit, but please, I need to sell it!

    Yamaha RBX 760
    translucent gree with matching headstock
    active "soap bar" style pickups
    all gold hardware

    this is a very jazzy bass, Ive recorded and played plenty of gigs with it. It has normal wear to it, and sounds amazing. You can really have fun with the tones on the active pickups. Anyways, Im thinking 200-300 dollars, and if the price is right Ill throw in an SKB case.

    email me or PM me if you have any questions at all! Im also open for a trade!

    [email protected]

    pics available upon request
  2. Hello, I'm not interested but my friend is. Is there anyway I can see some pics? [email protected]
  3. still for sale...
  4. come on guys, this bass is a great one and definately a steal for 200-300. someone make me an offer or a trade or something like that.
  5. bump
  6. Someone buy this bass! It's a good deal, Yamaha's cheapest basses cost more than this new!
    *just helpin' ya out, Whitey :D
  7. I'm interested. I believe I Pm'd u but got no response, I'll PM again anywayz.

    Do you happen to have a picture of it? I like to see the basses before I buy them.
  8. give me your email addy, Ill send them to you. thanks for the interest.
  9. still for sell, got tried yet again. someone make an offer, a trade, something. Its going to samash if no one responds soon. :mad: