Yamaha RBX Series Owners Club (?)

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  1. Hello guys,
    I would like to start a Yamaha RBX Owners club, as I see a trend here where everyone has a club of its own :) So, what do you guys think, and does any of you have that sweet, sweet RBX bass I love so much? :)


    So, it is just the 2 people for now :)

    1 - djole94hns
    2 - El Saico
  2. El Saico

    El Saico Guest

    There's one for the BB series, so why not?

    Here's my baby RBX374, together with its Squier brother - it's amazing how fast I can play (and want to play!) this thing.

    (also, my next cellphone will definitely have a better camera)

  3. All right, take your number :) Yamaha RBX Series Owners Club #2 :D
  4. Joe Kyle

    Joe Kyle

    Oct 18, 2008
    I missed a great deal on an RBX 1000 a few weeks ago. Such a killer bass.... If anyone has leads on them (or just pretty pictures) please post!
  5. /bump

    Also, @Joe Kyle:

    I think that RBX 1000 is amazing, but I am not that much of an Active bass fan... RBX 374 is my goal :)
  6. Number me, please! My fretless, a late 80s RBX200F.

  7. dalkowski, here you go: Yamaha RBX Series Owners Club #3
    It is a beauty, I must say. I like the old headstock :)
  8. Here is my beauty, and there is also a bass guitar :)

    My cat thinks my bass is her best friend apparently, she does not leave it's side...


    Current members:

    1 - djole94hns
    2 - El Saico
    3 - dalkowski
  9. TitaniumRx


    Aug 3, 2012
    Count me in,i have two.:)

    The black one is RBX300.I bye it back to 1992.This is my very first bass.Never have a single problem with.I use Dean Markleys blue steels on.I have only change the black original knobs with silver ones.I you see carefully i added a piece of wood that i made my self,just before the bridge and after the pups to rest my thumb.

    The red one is a RBX6JM.Bye it back to 2002 and is my favorite bass until now.I use Ernie Ball nickels.

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  10. Sure thing, take your number :)

    Current members:

    1 - djole94hns
    2 - El Saico
    3 - dalkowski
    4 - TitaniumRx
  11. pbass6811


    Nov 10, 2008
    Indy, IN
    Hey. Just throwing this out there, you may want to have the mods move this thread to the BASSES sub-forum? Probably not gonna get much play here in the BASSIST sub-forum. Just a thought.

    Good luck, guys, Yamaha makes great stuff!
  12. bill reed

    bill reed

    Apr 2, 2012
    my RBX 170. fitted a bridge cover as I did not like the chrome bridge so cover it with a black cover.
    really nice bass.

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  13. JoshC


    Nov 19, 2006
    Lancaster, PA
    A RBX170 was my first bass when I was like 14. Served me well until my senior year when I upgraded.
  14. Sign me up. I have been playing my RBX 350 for over 20 years now. Have had other basses but keep coming back it.

  15. Draculea


    Oct 2, 2011
    Mexico City
    Just yesterday I traded my Ibby for an RBX 375. I know, pics or it didn't happen, so I'll post them as soon as I take them.
  16. TitaniumRx


    Aug 3, 2012
    Witch Ibby?What is the difference between the two?Because i am gone by my first one Ibanez to near feature(Sr375 or Sr705).

    Thanks in advance;)
  17. My RBX760A, bought it new in '97.

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  18. michaelandrew

    michaelandrew The bass player is always right.

    My avatar is an RBX-765A (2001) - it now has an Audere classic 4-band pre (highly recommended). I'm "5-String #765" :D.
  19. Draculea


    Oct 2, 2011
    Mexico City
    I had the SR 375M, really good bass in almost every aspect. I traded it because it wasn't what I was looking for in terms of tone, objectively speaking the sound is actually quite good. One thing though that seems to be a common flaw with some Ibbys, is the finish on the frets, they are a bit sharp and protrude from the sides of the fretboard. Other than that no complaints.

    Now, in regards to the Yamaha I traded it for, I like it better as it has IMO a more versatile sound, and the tone is what I was looking for. The bridge is a little beefy so really low action is a problem, but that can be easily solved with another bridge or simply with a shim. Wider neck on the Yammie as well, which I like; however, if you're into thin and fast necks the Ibby could be the thing for you.

    The Ibby is lighter, the SR 375 is made of maple by the way. I like both color schemes, being the Ibby brownburst with a maple fretboard, and the RBX flat silver and with a rosewood fretboard. Two different beasts, both great, but as I said I prefer the Yammie because the sound and overall design suit me better.

    I recently bought a TRBX as well, oly white, and it's also an amazing bass, and the one that took me into that specific direction in terms of sound and design, which I don't regret.
  20. TitaniumRx


    Aug 3, 2012
    Thank you so much!!!!! :smug:

    We have the same likes about the tone:)

    I know very well all the good thinks a Yamaha bass have,tone and construction.I have 2 of them and i love 'em.My favorite is my RBX6JM.But is very heavy.I want a light good sounding bass and may i like the tone of the Ibby.I look in the new Trbx models also if the weight is close.

    Thank you again:hyper: