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SOLD Yamaha RBX5-A2 5-String Bass Guitar with A.I.R. body, Jet Black with Guitar Bag

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by frede, Mar 20, 2019.

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    This is our favorite (and last) bass we will be selling. She's a Yamaha RBX5-A2 5-String Bass Guitar with A.I.R. body, Jet Black. She's extremely light, in excellent condition and wearing La Bella LAB-760N5 Black Nylon Tape Wound strings.

    Yamaha’s A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) Design

    Yamaha’s own Alternative Internal Resonance technology helps to keep the guitar light as possible whilst not compromising on sound quality and performance value. The body is comprised of a lightweight wooden core sandwiched between hard woods on the top and back. There are also three metal tubed installed underneath the bridge that transmit string vibration to the body and return body vibration to the bridge for maximum efficiency. Additionally, there are special sound tubes passing through the body that produce a rich resonance in the core material. When the backboard resonates, the entire body reacts, creating a full and articulate resonant tone.

    Maple Neck and Rosewood Fretboard

    The Maple neck features an increased neck mass which helps to contribute to a richer sound and results in a very-fast neck. This is ideal for the more aggressive player, making chord changes and fast riffs easier to play. The Rosewood fretboard is the same as found on the RGX series guitars with a medium thickness. This helps to produce the articulate yet thick bass tone the BRX5-A2 delivers.

    Custom Bridge & Pickups

    One of the most unique features of the RBX5-A2 is the custom designed pickups from Yamaha. These original pickups developed by Yamaha have been incorporated to produce a powerful and thick tone that is also highly versatile and can be crafted to suit the player. The bridge is also another original design from Yamaha, resulting in a compact, lightweight bridge that improves efficiency and performance. The bridge is designed by removing protruding screws to improve the performance when playing closer to the bridge, there are also sound tubes underneath the bridge that transmit string vibration direct to the body for an exceptionally dominant tone.

    LED Pickup Indicator

    Another unique feature of this bass guitar is the LED pickup indicators which are located on the volume and pickup selector controls. Not only are these LED indicators eye-catching, they also provide a visual representation of the pickup in use and keep your controls lit in darker environments.

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