SOLD Yamaha RBX5F Late 90's 5 string Fretless

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    ** Edit - I dropped the price $50 to help with shipping **

    Very rare Made in Taiwan Yamaha fretless. Based on the serial number this is either a 1989 or 1999 model, but it is likely the former.

    It's very hard to get any concrete info on these basses, as matter of fact if I'll be the first hit on Google asking about this very bass here on TB in 2011!

    This is a very well made, 8.8lb bass that is in fantastic shape. There is a very small ding on the back, a tiny bit of flaking around the top of the headstock and the gold paint has worn off a bit from one of the pickup covers, otherwise this bass would be considered mint for its age.

    The tuning machines are very smooth and very easy to dial in; the pots are clean with just a small amount of dust noise.

    I'm not really a 5 string player, much less a fretless one, so this bass has sat mostly unused for the entire time I've owned it, which is a shame.

    No case and price does not include shipping, but I'm willing to cover 25% of the shipping cost.

    I feel that $400 USD is a fair price and that this was a MIJ bass that it would easily fetch double this amount.

    Local pick up in Seattle could be arranged.

    Thanks for looking!

    IMG_7788.jpg IMG_7789.jpg IMG_7795.jpg IMG_7790.jpg IMG_7794.jpg IMG_7792.jpg IMG_7791.jpg IMG_7796.jpg
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    Interesting offering. Shares some features of both BB5000A and Attitude Standard 5, both great basses. Adjustable 19mm with that gotoh bridge. It is late 90's.
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    Aug 18, 2011
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    It definitely has a connection to the 90's Attitude basses. You are probably correct in placing this bass in the late 90's