SOLD Yamaha RBX800A early 90s

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    Selling in amazing shape
    Is an RBX 800A

    RBX 800A
    (Something to read for more info )

    tone wise it’s a reverse PJ and to me really has a wall esq Spector kinda tone imo

    There are alder and ash versions of this bass. I’d imagine the trans finish ones were ash for the grain to show

    And these pickups seem to be ceramic rather then the trb alnico ones

    I find these ones have a very different voicing as compared to them

    - Neck: Maple
    - Fretboard: rosewood
    - Neck shape: C-shape
    - Neck thickness at 0. Waistband: 20.2 mm
    - Neck thickness on the 12th Waistband: 23.7 mm
    - RBX800A paintwork: Translucent Blue (Seethrough Navy)
    - Paintwork RBX800AF: Translucent Red (Seethrough Red)
    - Number of frets: 24
    - Waistband thickness: 2.4 mm (1/10)
    - Waistband height: 1.2 mm (1/21)
    - Fretboard radius: R250 mm (10 (10)
    - Saddle width (handle board width on 0. Waistband): 40.0 mm (1-9/16)
    - Fretboard width on the 12th Waistband: 55.0 mm
    - Fretboard width on the 24th Waistband: 63.4 mm (2-1/2)
    - Scale length: 860 mm (33-7/8)
    - Neck attachment: Yamaha Joint System, 6-way screwed (Deep Insert, Deep Access Angle)
    - Pickup configuration: 2 Half Single-Coils P-Style / 1 Double Single-Coil J-Style
    - Neck PU: active Power Focus Split Single Coil with ceramic magnets, low impedance, 7,000 windings
    - Bridge PU: active Power Focus Standard Single Coil with ceramic magnets, low impedance, 7,000 windings
    - Controller: Master Volume, Pickup Balance (Mix), active 2-band EQ (Bass and Treble) - 20 kOhm each
    - Hardware: gold-plated
    - Voice mechanics: Yamaha Tuning Machine Assembly with Round Head Wood Screws

    B48E267A-B578-4727-8C2F-B7CB560F8D26.jpeg EF471C3D-10F4-4AB4-8C56-E4FCE0A4E5E7.jpeg E8B0166F-C416-488F-9139-AF2CDF7C6A58.jpeg 37341686-BAB1-429A-BB96-F3890CF47C53.jpeg