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  1. i was having my usual scoure through some classified ads when i came across an ad for a yamha, the only way to contact the guy selling it was by phone and when i rang there was no answear so could you give me a little info on this bass.

    he said it was called a yamaha TRB MK2 6-string, i have heard of TRB's but MK2 is completely new to me and i can't find any info on it so could someone please tell me or direct me to somewhere where i can get some info on it

    also he was asking 550 pounds for it (obout $870), is this a good price for it?

    and has anyone got pics of it?


  2. thanks for the help, but i still can't find out where the mk2 comes from, anybody know! :confused:


  3. 8_finger


    Jun 1, 2002
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    Mk2 is from the fact that TRB6 and TRB6-II(or Mk2 or whatever that guy calls it) are slightly different basses (different preamp, and pups? and body shape, I think). If the bass in question is TRB6-II all the specs are on the link that Christopher posted.
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    The II series was introduced later and was a slightly less well-spec'd version - in my opinion anyway. More of a slab body and different pickups.

    £550 is probably a good price, but I prefer the originals - however I paid £1300 for a "mint" TRB6P - so you are looking at a lot more money.

    TRBs are characterised by their wide flat necks - they look incredibly wide when you first see them - compared to any other 6-strings in that price range. I like this and find them easier to play, then say a thicker neck - but it is something to bear in mind.

    They are the sort of basses you really have to try to see if they suit you - but then I would never buy anything without trying it first.
  5. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    The question is, is it a TRB-6II (and if it is, why on earth doesn't he write it like that?) or a second generation TRB-6? The first TRB-6's (TRB-6P??) were alder-bodied neck-throughs, the second generation were ash-bodied bolt-ons (and less expensive?). The TRB-II's (not to be confused with the more expensive, exotic wood IIP's with monorail bridges) sold now are also ash-bodied bolt-ons, but with 35" scale and somewhat different electronics.

    If memory serves me right, of course.