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Yamaha TRBX505

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by HoboCop, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. HoboCop

    HoboCop Supporting Member

    I bought this bass a couple of weeks ago in the black color. I have to say that I'm super pleased with it. I was in the market for something light with a thin neck, in the mid price range for general use. I was planning on buying an Ibanez SR505 until I saw this one. For about $100 bucks less it's a stellar deal.

    I can't even find one thing about it I don't like. The balance and weight are great, the black finish is a super cool flat black that you can barely see the wood grain through. The hardware is all good, the tuners are nice, it's not noisy at all, the preamp is nice and balanced, creates useable tones at every range.

    The neck on this thing is great.. the action right out of the box was terrific. Since it's such a jacked up cold winter I expected the neck to move a little, and yesterday finally I checked the neck relief and it had bowed a bit. I turned the truss rod a quarter turn and I think I **** my pants. It was the smoothest adjustment I've ever made to an instrument. The rod turned easily and the neck was immediately right again.

    I guess if you forced me to say something bad about it I'd say that there's nothing signature or really notable about it's tone. I sounds good and is versatile, but it doesn't have a lot of character that I can detect, I sounds like me playing a bass.

    Anyway, I had to throw up some kudos for this guy, I can't remember the last time I was as happy with a bass right out of the box.
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  2. I just stumbled across one of these. I am now considering it for my first foray into the world of 5-strings. Do you still own it? If so, how has it been working out?
  3. I have the 305. I agree with his assessment. Sounds good but no real character.
  4. HoboCop

    HoboCop Supporting Member

    I do still own it, It's my back up bass and primary practice instrument, I leave it out and grab it when I need a bass. Still works great, the frets have sprouted a little and are now just a little sharp at the edges of the neck. The flat finish has worn to be shiny where my hands contact it the most, which I kind of like. When I get around the having the frets done I'm going to get a new nut for it, I noticed that the B string slot is cut too deep and there's a buzz between the 5th fret and the nut when I fret it down there, and the A string slot is just slightly high which makes the first fret on that string take a little more effort than the rest. Very minor issue in general, but I'd consider it a defect in a more expensive instrument.