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Yamaha Tube Combo 115

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Drake, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. Hey guys/girls I was talking to a bass playing buddy of mine and he was telling me about this 115 combo that he plays through with his highschool band.

    It is a 115 yamaha all tube beast in some greenish brown covering and it seems quite old.. His drummer also has a similar one at his house....

    I can find nothing about yamaha tube combos online and was wondering if anyone has ever used such a beast and could give me their opinion.

    Also the amp has no real specs on it so if anyone has any idea what it could be i would greatly appreciate it.

    I was thinking of buying the one off the drummer, but i would have to go see it and play it and such before I would, but my friend does say I could get it quite cheap he thinks...

    So if anyone could...... thanks...


    ps- it does not even have a model name as far as i know from what he is saying, and he says it looks as though it could be over 25 years old, but the actual age is unknown...
  2. That amp is definitely old. I don't know what year it was made, but, I have a Yamaha solid state amp I bought brand new in 1977. It's called the 100-115B.
    100watts going through a fifteen.(naturally) When I bought this amp I believe that they had just come out, so if the one you're talking about is all tubes, it's gotta pre date mine by a few years. I'd guess it's in the 50-100 watt range(you can tell by the number of power tubes; 2 or 4) and might be closer to 30 years old, but, then again I'm just making an educated guess. Yamaha's website is not up to date. There's a bass I wanted some info on, the BEX4C acoustic/electric, and it's not even there. I guess they're too busy riding their motorcycles.

    Mike J.
  3. Thanks man

    I think if I get the chance I will pick that amp up... i think i could get it for around 200-250 bux. Of course that would be canadian fund so that is a nice price to me... I mean I spent 185 on my 50 watt yorkville and that was a decent deal..

    I just love tubes and i want a tube guy to call my own.... and besides my sound guy says it is plenty of power even though he does not know how many watts. I mean he plays through it daily with his school band.. He should know.... Oh well if anyone else knows then I would appreciate the feedback..

    later guys/girls

  4. Ok update.... supposedly the amp is a b100-115. At the back of the amp there is an opening at the top where you can see into the workings of the amp and supposedly there are at least 2-3 tubes visible from there.... I am assuming that since it is a 115 combo the b100 means that it must be a 100 watt guy too..... so if anyone can search their memory to find any old ideas of how old this is or if it is any good.... please do... Oh yeah there is also a large port on the bottom of the amp, and the serial number is something along the lines of 4400, but my friend forgot to write it down...

    Thanks again..
  5. hrmm

    I have the 30-115

    and my speaker cone is creasing

    I bought it a year ago...any info on this one, by any chance?

    All I know is that it was built c. 1980


  6. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    I have never heard of a Yamaha tube bass amp.

    The B100-115 is a solid state amp. You may be confusing the power supply capacitors for tubes.
  7. Heap old thread, but I'd like to share some info on this combo.

    - My b100-115SE is ss, not tubes, but it has a very warm and round sound, quite tube-like. So I can see the mixup if somebody thinks it's all tubes. This has been credited to its FET-circuits.
    - My says 250 watts, not 100w like most people state theirs to be, or 180w like some says. Mine is allegedly a 1982 issue, so maybe the 1970-ones have less power?
    - The cabinets differ, at least in mine having a lower height bassport. I have not meassured it, but I'd say 5 cm? Some pictures I see must be 10-15 cm (looks quite weird imo).
    - Has anyone changed the speaker? Mine looks like it's been glued again, not professionally, and I wonder if changing to a NOS element would improve/restore any sound. As it is, the sound is nice, but I'm always after improvement :)
    - It seems the sound is debated, but as Michael Jewels writes here:
    it's great with some basses, rubbish with others.
    - The footswitch apparantly worked the distortion-channel, and sounded like crap. But I'm still interested if someone has one lying around.

    So if anybody has a new, original speaker, or has changed theirs and can provide me with some info on where to find a new speaker, or has a footswitch for sale, please let me know.


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  8. EBH


    Mar 17, 2011
    Hey Rocke Rolf

    Do you still have the original footswitch? Could you post a photo?

    Greetings from Trondheim
  9. Hei EBH,
    no, I realize it seems like I have a footswitch the way I write it, but it's someone elses statement :)
    Guess you also have a combo without a footswitch?
    In what state is yours? Have you changed the speaker or other parts?
  10. jimbilly


    Apr 19, 2006
    The only Yamaha tube amp I'm aware of was the T50 (or was it the T100?) head, a Soldano designed hi-gain guitar head.
    I'd pass on the old SS Yamaha unless it was very close to free, it's not hard to find good sounding low-priced SS amps these days.
  11. "it's great with some basses, rubbish with others. "

    "but it was a freaking loud practice amp. My high school jazz band's bass player used it for performances and it provided plenty of low-end with a Fender 70's P-bass. It even provided fair volume in outdoor venues (which is kinda suprising)."

    "Back then its tone was advertised as something
    like " A solid state amp with tube sound, " because it had FET circuits in it. I liked the sound otherwise
    I wouldn't have bought it, but, to partially agree with Heavier than thou, it sounded great with some
    basses, and not so great with others. I had a 1975
    P-bass and it sounded good, but sounded outrageous with a Rickenbacker! Overall the tone was very, very clean and it had a distortion control
    that, in my opinion, just made the amp sound like
    the speaker was blown. For 100 watts it did go pretty loud, but it was better for jazz than rock."
  12. EBH


    Mar 17, 2011
    I have the B 100 head with a J-120 L 215 cab in excellent condition:) Great for both gigs and recording. A dirty sound that blends great.

    I guess any standard footswitch would do but if the original was as characteristic as the amp it would be cool to get hold of.

    Basses: B100 Head by Yamaha | Harmony Central
  13. I just resurrected my old Hundred 115B and found that the speaker was damaged - the whole magnet and pole piece assembly seems to have moved so the voice coil rubs against it. With a bit of persuasion with a hammer and a lump of wood I got it roughly realigned, but it still sounded cr*p. So I have replaced the speaker with an Eminence CB158 - wow! A revelation! The Eminence pushes lots of air (Xmax 4.8mm, 98dB sensitivity) so this combo is now really LOUD for 100 watts. By the way - the rating is 100 watts - the 250 watts on the plate is the power it USES - not the power it puts out. I'm going to try it with my 5-string tonight - see how that low B comes through!

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