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  1. I've been wanting a cheap project bass and I found this beauty for $40 Bucks at a yard sale. Its a Rogue precision copy. It sat outside in the hot Arkansas sun all day and the neck was still straight so I bought it on the spot. It feels just as heavy as any bass I've previously owned so I don't think its the crappy basswood but I'm not sure. I'm going to replace the hardware and the electronics. I want to keep it passive but I don't know which pickups would be best. I've read a lot about Seymor Duncan SP1's, but I REALLY like what I've read about Nordstrom pickups. I want an even vintage tone with a lot of response but not hot or aggressive. Any suggestions?

    I'll be posting the upgrades as I complete them. IMG_6615.jpg
  2. Probably not in the correct price range for a 40 dollar bass, but I really like aero pickps
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    I'm a huge fan of Wilde P46s. (A great pickup at a very good price.) I also quite like the EMG Geezer.
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  4. I'll look into them THANKS!
  5. Just dug into it. Tuners and bridge look sturdy, but the electronics had to go. I'm gonna replace the white pick guard with either a black or tortoise shell. Unfortunately it looks like the body is made of pressed word or plywood. Might not be a good wood for any expensive mods like a graphite neck. It needs a new nut and I'm still monitoring the truss rod to see if the neck will hold once I set it. After much research I'm going to go with a passive Seymour Duncan SPB-1 or an EMG GZ set. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with a body like this and it's tonal qualities please advise. I'm excited to complete this rebuild and use it as my club bass. IMG_6650.jpg

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    The EMG Geezers might be the way to go since you need the pots, jack, etc. Also, make sure that bridge is grounded. I don’t see a bridge ground wire in the pics.
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  8. THANKS! I was thinking the same way. With the body wood being what it is I didn’t want to go with a hot / high output pickup. And it does have the ground wire it’s just not visible in this photo.
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    I wouldn't worry about the wood too much. all that matters is the way it sounds
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  10. I was concerned that the wood would have a brighter sound than I wanted.