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  1. Last night my band played our first gig, it was at a battle of the bands at our school. It was to a seated crowd of about 500. We were allotted 15 minutes to set up and play, we were able to play 4 of our own songs in that time. The other bands mostly played covers and we reckon our originality made a pretty good impression upon the judges as in the end, we were declared winners.

    Some of you from the U.K might know some of the judging panel, it included Grant Stott and Elspeth Brodie from the TV series Emmerdale. It also included Hamish Campbell from a local band, Travler. There was also some other guy who knew the organisers of the event.

    Anyway... it was great fun performing and we're looking forward to playing more shows soon.

    (check out the link to my band's site below... please)
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    Dec 12, 1999
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    Excellent! Congratulations, I bet it will be the first of many gigs! Just remember your buds throughout the world on TalkBass as you hop into the limo on the way to the airport for your tour:D
    (You never know....)

    Seriously, that is so great that you played & won-
    Nothing like performing & recognition for all the time spent practicing.

    (keep up the good werk!):cool:
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