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Yay! Got my Squier Back!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Count Bassie, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I know, you're real excited. A Squier... and oh- you sold it, and the dude sold it back to you a year later? Um, yeah- that's great, wow. :rolleyes:

    Truth is I was in a bad way, and the guy I sold it to agreed to give me 'first shot' at it if he ever decided to move it along. Well I called him the other day to inquire how he was "getting along with it" (hint, hint), and he graciously and (somewhat) enthusiastically agreed to hand it back over when I was ready to deal. He knew why I'd called!

    So I'm quite happy about that :)hyper:), and appreciative of the attitude on his part :cool:. That's a great bass, a fav-ever player and it sounds just beautiful. Oldie Duncan Split-P, partsed-in "A"-type Squier neck, custom pick guard and Thomastik Jazz-Flats, all still the way I'd left it. And the pick guard is sort of a significant piece of personal history; funny what you'll do when the chips are down...

    Here she is:

    Anyway, alright, never mind... thanks for looking in. Continue... :)
  2. funkytoe

    funkytoe Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2008
    Northern California
    Great story Count. Your friend did the right thing. Good Karma all around.
  3. Close-up of the 'guard please, and why is it personally significant?
  4. You know I think he did. :cool: Won't forget it in a hundred years either.

    Say Fenderhutz, I hope your friend doesn't want it back! Lol! Yeah that's the thing right there that a good Squier seems to get you. Mod-able, solid chassis, and low-expenditure.

    God bless me I won't sell mine off again. But if I do, it goes back to the same dude- we have a running deal now.
  5. SquierThumbrest2.

    I was living in Miami, Coconut Grove to be exact, and had recently rescued myself from a 5-year stint in a christian-type "cult". It was 1991, I think. 'Nuff said about that, but I had come back to playing the bass after that long 5 years of dearth-of-all-things-lively-and-worth-living-for (music, personal freedom, and sex), and had gotten myself hooked up with an inexpensive Japanese Fender P-Bass with a white pick-guard. It had the black silk-screened Fender logo on the head-stock.

    I met a couple dudes from Yugoslavia in my building during this time, who went out to the local plaza in town every day with cans of spray paint, small utensils, bowls, cans, tinfoil, lots of poster board, a huge boom-box and a library of Pink Floyd cassettes. "Douglas" and his friend "Nino", these Yugoslavian greenhorn artist expatriates, would appear in the outdoor common area of Cocoplum Plaza, turn on the boom-box, and start in to creating extraordinarily far-out space-scapes on these large sheets of poster board. In a couple hours they'd have drawn a large, deep crowd and have 20 or so finished Pink-Floyd psychedelic-vibe-imbued pieces displayed around them, which would sell like pancakes at an outdoor hemp-products manufacuring convention. They'd work all day, and when they were gone the place was clean as a test-kitchen. Serious dudes, did some very cool work.

    I got to know Douglas a bit, and one day asked him if he'd do a scene on my boring, white 3-ply pick guard. He said "Sure, how about $50?...", I handed it over. When finishing it he'd made a mistake on it- you can see that the ring around that large planet is a little 'wonky'. I think he wasn't used to doing the plastic and dug in a little too hard with a tool, and it went crooked under him. So he handed it over "no charge". He was kind of embarrassed, but I was very happy with it.

    That's it. It was just an important time in my life, and this one-off piece of original art work is connected to it. It's the only thing I've actually had for a reasonably long time!
  6. Cool story, and yeah...that's a definite keeper! Like the thumbrest also.
  7. AgIdoc


    Nov 17, 2008
    Huntsville, TX
    the whole thing is cool: the art, the story behind the art, the circumstances of you digging yourself out of something not-so-good, the bass & the way it made its way back to you.

    this qualifies for NBD in my book. :bassist:
  8. lel95


    May 14, 2010
    sunderland, UK
    it goes to show just ho much people bond with their instruments, and its great! I know i would never sell my squier P because it was my first good bass and it is still my main one! It has been with me through 3 bands and i have learned everything i know on it.

    to the OP: great story! i love reading about other people's basses :)
  9. Thanks you guys, it's cool to hear that a piece of your life can hold some kind of meaning for someone else... and thanks for asking, 'Mudd. Much appreciate all the nice remarks.

    The thumb rest is my stock add-on to all my basses- thanks. If you get an ex-Count Bassie bass, it has a thumb rest. ;)

    NBD... that's "New Bass Day"?
  10. chris1125


    May 14, 2007
    That pickguard is sweet. I want one haha
    What kind of thumb rest is that? It looks pretty nice.
  11. If I knew where Douglas was now, I'd ring him up and you could get him to make you one! The thumb rest is a scrap of Mahogany from a job (I'm a carpenter). A little whittling, a little sandpaper, a drill bit...

    (edit) ...thanks!
  12. The 'guard IS clear-coated...right?
  13. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    Kew. I like the pickgaurd. really nice.
  14. Yes indeed. Some kind of 'engine top-coat', I was told by Douglas, and it's pretty tough stuff.
  15. I now wish I knew where to find the guy, so he could take a bow...
  16. Great story Count B.

    I'm glad to hear you found your way out of the cult. +1 on your friend doing a good thing.

    I sold my first good amp a few years back when I put down the bass to get hardcore about the guitar. I like my current rig, but I've been thinking a lot about that amp lately.

    Time to call my friend Mike??
  17. Hmmm. Seems you've been stirred up! Glad to hear it! :D Couldn't hurt, right? If it's nagging you, and you feel 'good' when you consider the possibility, go for it!

    Thanks for the good words there; I'll just add a note that it can be a dream-like wake-up call to see where you've actually been, but it's good if you can learn as you go- wherever that might be! To end up with some good vibe/karma/relationships in your life is pretty rewarding, and very relieving.

    Now maybe I'll start looking for that old Rickenbacker I traded off back in '97... :p just kidding...
  18. Good for you Sir!..I wish that would happen to me. Last year I sold my 2007 VMJ Squier Bass that had a Aguilar OB-2 pre amp installed. The neck on that bass was to die for.I am so stupid/stipid/stupid. Sold it for a highly modded Squier with a Geddy neck. I wish I had it back. :rollno:
  19. Thanks Laurie. And I'll go tit-for-tat on "stupid" with you any day! Ha! But I'll tell you this- sometimes it's that old 'absence making the heart grow fonder' thing. Don't spend too much time on what you see as a mistake, just let it go forward, you'll end up with something good when you're done- it's all about a richer experience as a player. Well, I think it is...

    Live and learn, just don't arrive! Says the growing-old fool... :smug: And sometimes you get 'lucky'. :hyper:
  20. I got my 1989 MIK Squier Precision back from my friend in 2008,after selling it to him back in 1998.

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