Yay! NEW BASS... but.... From 4 to 5.

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  1. I swore to myself when I began playing I would NEVER get anything but a four string bass. The 5+ string would be too confusing I thought. Well I went and played a five string 24 fret Ibanz and was astonished, amazed, and drooling. So, it being my birthday and all I decided to get it. (I fiddled around with it forever, im supprised they didn't ask me to leave :D ) So I've got my new 5 string and love it. =)

    I had no idea active pick-up's had made that big of a difference!
  2. Congrats on a new bass! Now it's time to go from 5 to 6 on the next one. :p
  3. Never! lol :D
  4. :rolleyes: Another one to goes to the darkside...:rolleyes:

    ;) Enjoy the bass man...Happy birthday!

  5. I never got rid of my four string. I still wouldn't use anything else for slap bass :D

    :bassist: <---- thats a 2 string :smug:
  6. Ok, I guess my previous post was a lie. Its been several months now and I've demolished that sucker. It has been defreated and its pickguard (I have never actually used a pick) is a shaped floor tile. I don't think I could go back to a four string now if its all i had! I couldn't handle not being able to hit that low B. Hopefully our small music shop here on Maui won't ever aquire a 6 string bass. And as for slap, I find it easier to slap on my 5 string than i do my four string, the string spacing actually makes it easier to mute, plus with the extra string it seems like i can move much faster across the board! I HIGHLY Recommend any five string 24 fret Ibanz Solid Black
  7. pick guard?:confused:
  8. Too lazy to fix it, but this is my acknowledgement that it's there. :D
  9. did you install a "custom" pickguard on it?
  10. HAHA if you want to call it that yes. Ide call it trash though. It's a 99 cent flimsy floor tile from Home Deopt. Cut to cover the electronics and it does the trick. From 10+ feet away it looks REALLY cool (like stone), but any closer than that and it's just sad, lol. Ill put a picture up some time. Poor mans fix for broken components. Its a Frankenbass. The tuning nobs are random metalic houshold items and the tone nobs are strange little buggers. Ill admit it still sounds like it did when i bought it ($145 new, and trust me it sounds like what its worth... :rolleyes:)
  11. You just gotta post some pictures! I gotta see this!

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    I dont see why people make such a big deal about switching from 4 to 5 to 6 strings, For ME at least it is no problem at all, I enjoy playing 6 strings the most, I just cant afford a good one...

    actually, on my four string the (VERY OLD) "A" sting broke and I was playing a 3 stringer. I didnt like it.