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YBA-3 has arrived

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassboysam, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. i have not had a really good chance to try it out but my intial impression is that it is a "dirtier" sounding amp (more towards an SVT) than the YBA200, with more mids as compared to the scooped sound of the YBA200. It sounded awsome with my Ric but my P-bass with active pickups and flatwound strings sounded a little too muddy. Its not as easy to overdrive the preamp tubes either and i dont think you would be able to get a nice fuzzy overdrive....at sane volumes at least. Mechanically this amp is in pefect condition, the knobs are all tight and there is no noise from the fan or the petentiometers. I opened the amp up andthe circuit looks like it was put together yesterday, there is no rust or any blemishes on the chassis and the casing is also 99% flawless. The EL34s (winged C) sound very diffrent form the 6550s in the YBA200 and you dont really noice the lower power ratings of the YBA-3 200W vs 150W. Overall i think it would be dificult to choose between the two, both amps would come in handy depending on the situation. the 200 is more versatile and has modern advantages (tuner out, XLR, effects loop, mute and light weight) the YBA-3, not guite as versatile especially for recording, but its a great amp for aggressive old school rock or blues....i would have to say i love both and i am seriously considering just bitting the bullet and keeping both amps.