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"Yee Haw!"

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by P. Aaron, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Teen deters crime by hog-tying intruders
    By Cathy Mong / Cox News Service

    GERMAN TWP., Ohio -- A petite 17-year-old, irate after seeing three men running from her home in the wee morning hours Tuesday, sprinted outdoors barefoot, clad in pajamas, outran one of the trespassers, tackled and straddled him, then hog-tied him with a rope until police arrived minutes later.

    Melissa Alexander, a high school junior, said her training in track and running bases for the varsity softball team came in handy, as did her ability to handle horses, which she cares for at her family's property.

    As a result of the young woman's efforts, 18-year-old Jason N. Burkett, 18, was apprehended, said German Twp. Police Chief W. Lew Wilcox.

    Also arrested were Trestan B. Stamps, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile.

    The two 18-year-olds were charged with theft and criminal trespassing in Miamisburg Municipal Court. Both will be arraigned at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

    The juvenile is expected to face charges in Montgomery County Juvenile Court, Wilcox said. A fourth person has not been charged.

    Burkett was charged in September with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony, and was being screened by Montgomery County Prosecutor's Diversion Division.

    German Twp. police were called after Melissa's cousin, 21-year-old Jennifer Alcorn, saw a vehicle pull up slowly in front of the driveway, back up and stop. Three men jumped out and ran up the driveway, where the family's four cars were parked.

    Alcorn, staying with Melissa's parents while her house is being built, went upstairs to alert her aunt, Vickie Stanley.

    "I told her just to flick the lights on and off a couple of times" to scare off intruders, Stanley said. "Then I crawled back into bed."

    Melissa, now awake, followed her cousin downstairs, and both heard noises. The teen opened the garage door and said someone running away.

    "That's when my daughter took off after him, ran about 300 feet and tackled him on the grass," Stanley said.

    She described her daughter as 5'3 and 110 pounds, "a little bitty thing." Police described Burkett 5"10 and 140 pounds.

    "I felt violated," Melissa said. "The only thing running through my mind was, 'how dare you?'

    Her mother said that Melissa yelled and asked her to bring a dog leash. She grabbed a lunging rope, used to exercise horses.

    "(Melissa) tied his right hand and wrapped it around his neck and held him down until the cops got there," Stanley said. "She had it all under control."

    Cathy Mong writes for the Dayton Daily News.
    I hope this isn't spamming, but I thought it was a great story.

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