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YET....another reason to hate guitar players

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by JWC, Dec 29, 2000.

  1. JWC

    JWC Banned

    Oct 4, 2000
    I just picked up my cd. that my old band recorded last month. The guy who recorded us is one of the sleaziest, money-hungry human beings on the face of the Earth. He saw big bucks in our sound, but furthmore saw big bucks in our lead singer/guitarist. He had that pretty boy, rock and roll image. In other words, the guy recording thought he was quite marketable. The singer/guitar player was our lyricist, so he was going to make sure that he kissed his ass and to hell with us. He even gave up his duty to mix and produce the cd because pretty boy wanted too (pretty boy knew nothing about mixing and producing, big suprise). The ass kissing was sick.

    Well, the cd has his vocals and guitar so high, you can't even turn your stereo up half way without blowing something. The bass and bass drum and snare are almost invisible throughout the cd. He wanted to center the whole cd on him, but in actuality he made the whole band sound terrible. He even burried one of my bass solos under him STRUMMING chords between the verse and chorus. He used all kinds of vocal effects that made him sound like a real studio rookie.

    Anyone interested in obtaining a copy so you can get a good laugh, contact me.
  2. what type of music? how much?

  3. JWC

    JWC Banned

    Oct 4, 2000
    Actually Willz, I wouldn't mind sending copies of cassette tapes for free to anyone here at Talk Bass. I am not in it for money. Just e-mail me your address if you like and I will send you a FREE copy.

  4. Really i'll try anything once?! Where do you live see no-one would send me anything cause i live in australia :(

    Too far, too expensive. Can u get one or two on Mp3?

    Isn't it fun hating other musicians? At least i'm not the only bitter one! :D

  5. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    Reminds me of a story I read somewhere about the Who recording their 1st album.Seems that in the days of vinyl,too much bass would make the grooves too wide and the cutting lathe would "jump the tracks",so engineers habitually would take it easy on the low freqs when mixing to save having to do it over again.So Whenever Entwhistle was around,he'd be nudging the fader on his bass track,and then when he went to the Loo,back down it would go.Apparent;y Townshend and Moon were not beyond similar ploys as well,so I don't envy their engineer,although I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at those sessions.
  6. JWC

    JWC Banned

    Oct 4, 2000
    I'll send the damn sorry cd anywhere in the this world. Well, me and Jonny Entwistle must be one in the same. I fought for the low end, but the high end won. Now we have a **** cd to show for it.
  7. Bassmonster


    Mar 24, 2000
    Whenever the guitarist in my band starts acting all high and mighty, I immediately put him in his place!!! I think he finally realizes that we're a band and he can't be the one calling the shots all the time. We're now tighter thanx to this:) So next time your guitarist/lead singer starts bossing everyone around, point out the mistakes immediately and tell him how you feel about the situation.
  8. ~*#VJU#*~


    Dec 21, 2000
    The guitarist in my band is so damn power hungery, he never brings his amp to practice anymore so he can play thru the HUUUUGE P.A. instead. After a while I just give up and try to play other songs over the one he's playing and no one notices because no one can hear me...!!
    This however has one silver lining, our drummer hits so hard now, his snare sounds like a machine gun going off :)
  9. I'm the guitarist in my one-man band project, so I can slap myself around when I get out of line :D

    Have a listen at http://www.mp3.com/entrylevel

  10. Lol, I'm glad my guitarist is COOL. :) Ahhhhh, the bliss.
  11. hey, what about us guitarists/bassist? I started bass if that gives me any brownie points! actuly, i dont know if i am, but i think i'm a pretty cool guitar player to jam with... i encurage bass solos (hey, they sound cool since their so rare) i dont enjoy massive guitar solos, and prefer melodys in place of a solo (kinda like the blink/green day/screeching weasle/nofx well basicly the punk type of sound, probly cause i'm playing punk though...) and i like the bass audible, i think it sounds much better, makes the guitar sound "fuller" if thats a word.
  12. i'm a bassist who also plays guitar, but i suck so i don't like to crank it up. i'd be interested in hearing your stuff JWC. i'm in australia too, so g'day to merlin.
    i know what u mean by guitarists showing off and being the centre focus, the lead guitarist in my band is one of these (he likes to admire himself in a mirror while playing), but he's only got a 15 watt amp and i've got a 30 so it's no real contest.

  13. I quit my band when I moved back to VA,soooo,in the next band I'll make sure that all the prospective members are not egomaniacs.(Don't get me wrong,my former band mates are all cool.)It's amazing how some people think they can make it big on their own.JWC,good luck in finding quality musicians who aren't a pain in the booty!!!
    As far as pretty boy is concerned,next time, threaten to take away the hairspray and the make up,there's nothing like leverage to keep some people in line.
  14. what kind of music is it?
  15. Samie


    Dec 13, 2000
    Madrid, Spain
    Terrible, terrible .. nowdays u don't need a big shoot producer to do mixes, lots of people out there with DAW and home recording studios. Make sure they have experience in mixing. Maybe get the original tracks, even if its only for u.
  16. yawnsie


    Apr 11, 2000
    You're very bitter about your last band, aren't you JWC? :D

    I know how you feel, though. I remember when we went into a studio owned by the Real People, who are a local band who nearly made it big about ten years. (They helped write a few songs for Oasis, and had one, One By One, covered by Cher in 96) Well, we played them a demo we'd done in another studio, and the bass player, Anthony Griffiths, told us what a **** the fella who produced it was for giving us such a ****ty quality recording.

    Instead of using my bass through an amp, like you would expect, I had to sit in the control room with a terrible old acoustic bass DIed. They were really into the modern techniques, with everyone going in separately and playing to a click track. The drums were laid down first, with a guide vocal, with all of us playing in the control room. Then, I was called in, and told to play to the drums on their own. Now, I'm sure that other people do this all the time, but I'd never done this before, and was given one take to get the bass down. This threw me totally, and I got mixed up in the middle, going to the wrong part of the song. I was told this wasn't a problem, and I could go in and correct it later. That was at about 2 o'clock. At half past 9, I asked if I would get a chance to do it again. The engineer told me they would drop the bass out for the part I'd played wrong. "Don't worry" he said "No-one will notice - we do it all the time.)

    After sitting around for hours (The fact that I got one chance, and the rhythm guitar had two hours devoted to it particularly rankled me), we were told we couldn't have the DAT, as they would mix it for us and make a CD by the end of the week. Two months later, we finally got the CD. The bass sounded awful - no top or bottom, it literally sounded like an acoustic guitar with a £15 mike stuck in front of it. The double tracking on the vocals was the worst I've ever heard, and the rhythm guitar sounded about a beat out of time. All this for £200. Well, our drummer liked his snare sound!
  17. soundofphysics


    Jul 17, 2000
    i think anyone who has recorded small time knwos that feeling, especially as bassists. One band i was in over the summer, had this talentless lead singer/songwriter/rythm guitarist (he used to tell me to play bass more liek guitar) he had the worst study on Earth in his garage. And when they recorded he used to trun down everybody but himself, and he was unquestionably the only talentless person in the band. His songwriting was so trite it made your brain hemorage. And then i found out one of my closest friends, and current band mate was a lead guitarist for this band about 3 or 4 years ago, and the same was done to him.

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