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Yet another "What about this rig idea" thread

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bob Bl., Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Bob Bl.

    Bob Bl.

    May 1, 2003
    I'm back on my "build a bass rig" project. I’m looking for feedback on some ideas before I just start buying random gear. FWIW, I do the 4-string, blues/classic rock, mid-sized club thing, and not always with fantastic PA support.

    Right now I'm still picking out an amp, but will likely end up with a big-ish dual power amp head, around 350-400 watts/channel (Ampeg B4R or SVT 4 Pro if I decide to spring for the bucks, a Hartke 7000 or Carvin R1000 if I'm feeling frugal).

    My current speakers are: a 4-ohm Peavey 210TVX and an 8-ohm Avatar compact CB112. I'm currently driving them with an ancient Acoustic 370, which sounds like crap with either/both cabs. I think that thing is voiced more towards a pair of folded horn 18” or multiple 15” speakers. Its days are numbered! Any collectors out there? Things are fine at low volumes, but I sound like so much farting at band practice volumes. And volume-wise, we take things relatively easy at practice, being old farts ourselves (yuck, yuck).

    My current theory: Get the new amp, run one channel for the 210's, and the other for a PAIR of CB112's. I already own one CB112 - I would need to order another. This set-up should move air with the 12's, provide punch with the 10's, and have enough power and headroom to keep everything clean. Amps are running at 4 ohms, so they should be happy. And I kind of like the small, modular, mix ‘n’ match speaker idea. May not LOOK as cool as an SVT 810, but…

    My biggest concern: The Peavey 210TVX MAY not be up to the task. It is only rated to 175 rms/350 peak watts. The Eminence Deltas that Avatar uses in their cabs handle much more power. If the Peavey speakers die, I was thinking about replacing them with some Deltas. I may even switch them out upfront. That would be a prophylactic speaker switch – am I allowed to say that in this forum?

    Soooo… What do you TalkBass folks think about this scheme?
    Any advantage/disadvantage of a compact Avatar CB115 instead of the second CB112?
    Am I missing anything obvious?

    Thanks for all your help - Bob
    "Frugal gear selection = more gear"
  2. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    Hi Bob,
    I think adding another CB112 would be a real good idea,I have a pair myself and like them very much.I don't think the Peavey 210 is much of a problem.I had a pair of the 210 TXs and they handled power pretty well.They had good highs and lows but seemed a little shy in the mids,still a high fi type sound though.I'd just try it with your Avatars when you get a new head,you might not need to change.If it doesn't work out you could always add a Avatar 210 instead of changing the Peaveys speakers.It would match up to your CB112s real well and would be tuned right for it's speakers unlike the Peavey if you changed it's speakers to the Deltas.

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