Yet another YouTube lesson channel, but with broken English

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  1. kchoi


    Oct 20, 2018

    (Disclaimer: I was his student.)

    Here's a channel with some videos + bass tabs by my former tutor in Korea. He is a great tutor, I really learned a lot, watching a video online would be different from getting feedbacks though.. I was really sad to stop getting his lesson when I left Korea.

    Then he started to post some videos. Ummm, you might get some extra fun by watching a professional bass player with an apparently amateur's video editing and English-as-a-second-language-if-there-has-to-be-second-one :D Another great playlist is one with Bruno Mars' songs.

    He asked me where to post on Talkbass and I volunteered to do it on behalf of him. Although to be honest this is my first post here! So please excuse me if this is what people usually don't do - I confess I only have been here directly through googling.

    Hope you guys find my endorsement not annoying but useful :)
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