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  1. I bought the German style carbon bow - the middle one of your links there. The bow is nice and well weighted. A little better finishing would be nice (I gave mine a cut and polish and it improved the shine immensely).

    The hair is really quite bad. Mine is off for a rehair today in fact. The hair is thin and brittle and uneven in tension, at least on my one (and for their "top model" carbon bow I imagine it is their "best" hair). I have played it in for four months now and it just doesn't hold rosin well, and can be a bit scratchy on the higher strings, with lack of grip on the lower ones.

    I am looking forward to getting it back with black hair (my 5 string needs a strong grippy bow to get that low B going quickly).

    So in summary, nice bow, well weighted and feels good and not tiring to play long concerts with. The finish could be a little better and factor in a rehair in your price! That would probably go for all their bows... you get what you pay for!

  2. Raka


    Aug 28, 2008
    It would be great to have your feedback once the yita is re-haired.
  3. I get it back tomorrow! I have a nice German made French style pernambuco bow with black hair the pulls a lovely tone but gives me a sore thumb after long rehearsals / concerts. I'll let you know how the Yita stacks up after its haircut :) It will need a little playing in again i imagine.

  4. Jordan M

    Jordan M

    May 10, 2009
    I have a french Yita, one of the more high-end models. I honestly didn't find the hair on it to be that bad when I used goops of Carlsson. I had it rehaired a few months after that- constant rosining started to wear it out. I prefer black to white hair anyway, so that was more motivation. Even with the rehair, the tension isn't exactly right, and the screw needs to be ultra-precise when tightened to get the optimum tightness. It definitely sounds much better with black hair and Oak soft rosin.

    The largest problem I've had with it is it's lack of camber. It's 135 grams, so it should be heavy enough to pull a good sound, but because the bow is almost straight it takes a decent amount of hand pressure to let it speak. It's much easier to get a light, airy sound using a fast stroke than a heavy tone using a slightly slower one, especially since it's actually difficult to put enough pressure on at the tip to get the strings to continuously sound. Similar to a whiffle ball. I should note that I use evah pirazzis.

    It's a bit of a luck of the draw with Yita. My friend's $200 french Yita behaves better at the tip than my $450 Yita, and my teacher's $85 ironwood Yita is closer to his $2000+ Prochownik than anything I've ever played.
  5. I also have the German carbon fiber bow and agree with this assessment, especially about the hair. I got mine for something like $13 + s/h, presumably as a scratch & dent item since the bow is slightly warped. Still, it's thoroughly better than a Glasser fiberglass bow.

    I don't know if I would pay full price for a perfect example. It's not much more for a highly regarded Finale bow. I have one in shipping as I type.
  6. Raka


    Aug 28, 2008
    I'm really interested in the comparison yita-finale, because I have the yita carbon fiber one (german), and I find the hair is a bit suspicious. I have to decide between a re-hair, or buying a Finale. I also have a pernambuco dorfler (350EUR including case), which has a better sound than the yita, but I think that having two different bows is a good idea.
  7. Hi

    Sounds like we all are saying the same things. I played my first rehearsal with the newly rehaired Yita CF bow (black hair now). Already much better than the original white hair. Still soaking up the pops and kolstein which I find I need to alternate to get a balance of grip and mellowness. Still doesnt bite or start the note as well as my pernambuco bow, but I will withold juddgement until I have played it in for a few weeks at least. There are periods of lovely sound, then scratchy awfulness that I am finding hard to lock down to technique / rosin / bow tightness etc so will hang in there and give some more feedback when I have it sorted!

    It certainly looks the bizzo now with black hair, I will name it "El Nero".

  8. Raka


    Aug 28, 2008
    Thanks for the "el nero" feedback. Maybe it's top early to judge, and wait until the right amount of rosin stays int the bow. Did you found the same lovely vs scratchy issue with the old hair?
  9. Raka


    Aug 28, 2008
    Some days after, Do you keep your evaluation for the rehaired yita bow?
  10. Jim Dombrowski

    Jim Dombrowski Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I sent an email to Yita Music asking about the inconsistencies in the hair on their "Top Model" bows. Here's is the response:

    "The bow use A level horsehair. You can upgrade the horse hair to AA level. Price is 20usd. If you want to do that, you can enclose a note with payment about the request."
  11. swmmojo

    swmmojo Be up and doing...

    My top model hair is fair but if it were my main player I would rehair.
  12. I also use the Top carbon model (german). Well balanced, not to heavy, nice finish.
    Considering the hair, I confirm they are not the best you can have, but I can deal with them, using nymann rosin.
    I'm planning a rehair.
    I have another carbon bow (french) from Hofner, which I like best those days, because it produces a mellower and darker sound then the Yita.
  13. rjspear

    rjspear Commercial User

    Apr 23, 2011
    Ithaca, New York
    Luthier, owner Singing Woods Violin Shop
    Just on a lark I bid on a "top" Yita French bass bow made from IPE, the same South American wood my deck is made out of. I suppose I figured if it didn't play well, I could always walk on it. :)

    I bought it because the pictures showed a straight stick and a well-fitting frog. Hardly anyone bid on it; it cost me as much for shipping as it did for the bow. I received it yesterday (shipping by China Post is very fast) and I must admit I was impressed by the workmanship and finish.

    The hair in the ribbon was not evenly tensioned, but it wasn't egregious. Most bow guys can take care of that with some judicious heat. The hair is white. I like the width of the ribbon, and it picks up the string quickly. It rosined up in less than a minute. The screw turns easily. It much outplays my generic Brazilwood bow and my carbon fiber bow, which now feels clunky in my hand.

    I agree with the earlier poster who mentioned that he'd like more camber in the stick. This one's not bad, but a touch more would have been more to my liking. That said, I'm money ahead on this bow and all in all quite pleasantly surprised-- or else just lucky!
  14. +1 for IPE French...though it's on the heavy side.
  15. Ok, time for the verdict...

    After the rahair my german CF bow is now starting to play reasonably well. It still is a bit thin sounding compared to my french pernambuco but the difference is getting less as the rosin soaks in. I would probably like it a little heavier at the tip, which may help damp resonances as well, but on the whole it it now my main bow and I am liking playing with it. For exposed pieces I will still be using my french stick in the near future, but as the CF bow is progressing I may not need to for much longer :)
  16. I've got a couple of Yitamusic peranambuco bows (one French and one German). I got the German a few years back with the intention of learning that style but failed to commmit the time needed to leave the the house with it.

    Around the house I get the German out and enjoy the tone / feel (it's more powerful than the French).

    I recommend the Yitamusic bows without reservation. I use the French bow all the time and love it. I also lean toward the word bows over CF.
  17. Chris Shaw

    Chris Shaw

    Mar 14, 2010
    Not too sure about Yita bows! I bought one of the £100 french ones and used it for a few months ..... until it broke near the tip. All I was doing was putting rosin on it. They readily sent a replacement however, but this one broke too! Now you may think I was doing something a bit odd to them, but I've never had a bow break before in several decades of playing. The wood seemed to lack flexibility to me. The firm has been great however. They ended up sending me a third bow, but I went for carbon fibre this time. A year down the line and it's still in one piece. It's ok... not too exciting... but you don't expect much at that price. It's not really good enough for a second bow... it's actually my fourth!
  18. apophasis


    Aug 14, 2014
    Terrible experience with Yita. Bought their best cf braided bow on ebay, $169. Picture showed a nice finish, mine arrived dull, with a pocked and awful "finish", scratched silver and a gouge in the MOP. Got a replacement, which was over a centimeter shorter, and had been glossed, really sloppily and unevenly, with a brush after assembly, and featured the worst piece of MOP I've ever seen along with a brown "ebony" frog... Lousy finish and workmanship everywhere.
    I think you might get lucky with a Yita bow, but it would take luck. Totally inconsistent quality inaccurate descriptions and photos, and awful service- they accused me of everything from lying about the condition of the bow to being somehow "biased".
    Being a total beginner at arco, I have no opinion on the bows' performance, but I just can't stand the appalling lack of craftsmanship and I don't like the fraudulent bait-and-switch sales technique. IMO, look elsewhere and spend a couple bucks more for something of quality, hopefully not from China.
  19. robobass


    Aug 1, 2005
    Cologne, Germany
    Private Inventor - Bass Capos
    Too bad. The quality and CS seems to be going the wrong way. I had them custom build me a snakewood about nine years ago. The finish and visible workmanship is fine, and it plays quite well, but my rehairer told me that the mortises are very poor, making hair changes difficult. Also, there's a bit of a warp. at least warp and camber can be adjusted on wood bows, but not so with CF. I guess I'm among the lucky ones. The bow fills a very useful niche in my arsenal, but I don't think I'll be shopping there again.
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