YN or CY serial Squiers (Yako Factory)

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  1. I have one of the Squier Standard P-bass specials made in the Indonesian Cort factory and I have to say, it really is a great playing bass. I gets as much time as any of my Fender Jazzes or my Precision. The J style neck is fast and I have only upgraded the bridge so far. The electronics have been surprisingly good.

    After having a pretty good experience with this one, I am looking at a 97 P Bass special made in the Yako factory. Anybody have one of these or a bass made in this plant? The serial number would be a YN or maybe a CY. The serial on the bass I am looking at is on the neck plate and not on the headstock like other "newer" squiers.

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Anonymous Guy

    Anonymous Guy

    Jul 28, 2008
    CY Squiers have been decent players, but most of them tend to be Affinity Squiers which aren't looked too highly upon. The rare Standard Series guitar that gets handed to them every so often (like the Cherryburst Strat) are actually pretty good players and use Alder wood.

    I'm not really too fond of Indonesian Cort Squiers because of their tendency to use Agathis on everything, but they are responsible for the VM series which there is a lot of praise for.

    Either way it could probably use a setup to make it a good player, that's all most Squiers need.