Yo Buzz, I can't get the Chevelle to hook up!

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  1. :D

    Can you work up something like the Alf Wiebe "uber secret" 4 link that still lets me drive the warhorse to Nashville, Cleveland and Baltimore every year while still giving a solid sub 1.50 60' with only 520 hp on tap!? ;) :cool:

    Yo folks, Doug also does race car chassis, so I'm just calling him out on it! He likley hasnt been here lately as the "fab and race driver" part of his career have been in full swing this summer. Hopefully with the race season ended up here, he can stop by here more.

    And Buzz, you gotta say HEY!! from me to Jauqo III-X when you see him in MotorCity next month. That sounds like a cool bass gig man. Its opening day for us hunters in NY that Sat AND Vic W and crew are in town. Man, the bass gods will be a-smilin' up north here! ( I hope Mother Nature is smiling too and allows my son - a first year hunter- the honor of a harvest, and maybe the old man too! )

    See you 'round man! :bassist:
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    I've had 1.30 short times with only 500 hp and could drive it on the street all day long, but I only weighed 2,200 lbs.. And of course, I'd probably lose my hearing with that kind of mileage :) But, let's start here: What does the Chevelle weigh?

    I'll definitely tell Jauqo III-X you said hey. I'm excited about the Detroit Bass Fest - It's a great venue, and I've been looking forward to getting back. But this year the real treat is meeting Nate Watts!!!!!

    You gonna make any summer sausage/trail bologna with that deer? If so, you've got to get some in the mail for me...

    Take Care!
  3. Heavy Chevy at 3800 lbs! Which is why I'm not racing it.

    Passed up two adolescent bucks ( 1 1/2 yr olds) so far. Hope I dont regret letting the "kids" go, they were having a good time together. One was decidedly smaller and for a moment I thought mother nature was giving me a chance to shore up the gene pool for her by taking the small one out. Maybe she was!

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, welcome back our low end brother. And thanks again for keeping the funk alive!!!

    Last funk show to come thru Buff was the Alan Evan trio, and Bo, the organist did the bass lines, very well! Oh man, George Porter would be proud , as the tunes were very reminiscent of old Meters - baby funk! I told Bo he can use his hand/fingers like we do, to be sure, ( and there were some spots where brushing/plucking/ etc would ahve been perfect, but... well done. No bass player - SACRILEDGE!

    AE3 - these cats are good!